Friday, March 23, 2012

Making up missed prayers

Did I handle this the right way?
I've been trying to keep up with my prayers for a few days after lots of neglect and I had to go out of town (100km away approx one way) for Nora's doctor's appointment yesterday. We left before dhur. I asked my husband when we left what I should do about that prayer since there was no way we would be back before 4:30 and he told me to wait until we got back home to pray 2 rakat to replace what I missed. There was a chance we'd get back after maghreb so I asked what I should do if I missed asr too and he told me those same 2 rakat would cover it.
What ended up happening is that we arrived before maghreb but I went to visit someone and arrived home after it so because of the travels I missed dhur and because of myself I missed asr. I got home and got the kids in bed and was done that by the time it was 10 minutes before isha. I hurried to do wudu to pray maghreb on time and heard my phone vibrate while I was praying indicating isha... Then I prayed isha normally. Then I prayed 2 traveling rakat to replace dhur and then 4 rakat to replace asr.
Was that ok? Was I traveling enough to even do reduced or combined prayers? Did I cover them in the right order?

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Um Dayo said...

Asalaamu alaykum, honey. He was wrong about the 2 rakat making up for both dhuhr and asr. 2 rakat EACH makes up for them, though. A traveler can either pray dhuhr and asr 2 rakat each at dhuhr or asr time (so assuming dhuhr is 12 p.m. and asr is 3:30 p.m. and maghrib is 5:45, one has from 12-5:44 to pray both dhuhr and asr and not miss them).

But mashallah you did the right thing! Praying maghrib right before the isha athan/at the athan first was right because you gave the priority to the prayer that was current, then praying dhuhr 2 rakat because you were traveling when it happened, then 4 rakat because you were just...busy? ha ha. Yes, you made them up correctly. and I am so happy to hear you are trying to get back into the habit of making salat. It is so easy to slip out of and so hard to get back in, but so, so essential to our faith building.

HijabRockers said...

assalamualaikum candy,
The qasar (shortening the prayer) could be done under certain circumstances. E.g: the time space btween 2 salat times are too close, travelling, etc. It is suppose 2 be done DURING the specific salat time. Not as a replacement when u missed it. U can do jamak qasar (combine shorten prayers) dhuhur n asr (2 rakaat dhuhur with 1 salam. Then straightaway 2 rakaat asr with another salam at the end). The niat of the salats are also different. 2 types of combined shorten prayers. 1st is jamak takdim (combine asar during dhuhur /isha during maghrib). 2nd is jamak ta'khir (combine dhuhur during asr/maghrib during isha). If u do the combine prayer during dhuhur, u s say 'i pray fard dhuhur 2 rakaat, qasar, jamak takdim for Allah ta'ala'. When u do the asr prayer, u say 'i pray fard asr qasar, jamak takdim for Allah ta'ala'. Its vice versa when u do the jamak ta'khir. But when u combine maghrib n isha, u cannot shorten the maghrib rakaat. It is still 3 rakaat. If u missed ur prayer, u have 2 replace it normally. Cannot combine and definitely cannot be shorten. If u travel more than 2 marhalah one way (90km), u are allowed 2 do the combined, shorten prayers. Inshaallah. U can inbox me at FB if u need more explanation. Inshaallah.

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