Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Local Mosque Renovation

They're renovating our local mosque and they're really doing a lot of good work. I'm not sure if it's going to be good for women in the end or not, but it seems OK so far. The whole mosque is in a basement but they've made raised boxes where the windows are to put more natural light in, most of which are in the women's section. It's not a solid wall separating the men and women's area, it's a half wall right now, but I heard something about them putting glass or curtains to cover that half wall... I personally would rather not. I like to feel part of the bigger congregation while praying and a half wall was perfect but some women prefer more privacy so hopefully it's either a one-sided mirror type of thing or curtains that will be half on, half off so that women can go where they feel comfortable.

There's a corridor that passes beside the men's section to the front where the bathrooms are so that women can go without being looked at by the whole congregation which is good I find even if it separates men and women. It gives kids an extra "interesting" place to be without bothering anyone too.

It's also generally nicer than before with new carpets, straight walls and slightly higher ceiling.

I feel comfortable there. I've been on the men's side plenty of times. It's not a really big deal although women don't normally go... There's an opening between the men and women's sides for the kids to freely go back and forth and for women to go as well if they have questions or want to see their husband or signal him at least.

The mosque also has a room for the imam to live in but we don't have an imam year round... Normally only during Ramadan, they "import" someone, both times from Egypt which is nice for my husband because we have no Egyptian community here. And there's also a "store" section that sells halal meat and the profit goes to the mosque. It's a nice service since no grocery store sells it here and the mosque can make a little business from it.

I will take pictures next time and post them on here! Maybe Friday of this week.

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