Friday, March 9, 2012

I got this from FB. Cute one, I find.

But can you believe that in the comments below the original picture someone was saying, "What's the difference between the first and last picture anyway? If anything the last one is even more creepy"

CREEPY?! How is that creepy?! The 5th one could be considered a little creepy but it's there for the humour factor. A child breastfeeding is not creepy and a child looking satisfied while at the boob is not more creepy. It's beautiful and simply RIGHT :)

3 Comentários:

Mona Z said...

I will never understand why people sexualize breastfeeding or make it anything other that totally natural and normal.

Candice said...

Ridiculous! The main purpose for breasts is to feed a baby so for them to make a baby happy is not in any way creepy... My daughter talked about my boobs all the time until 3 or so. And when a mom asked her if she helped feed her brother, she thought it was a joke and answered, "Noooo! I don't have boobs, hahaha"

LK said...

LOL at your daughter's response!

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