Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to bring up car safety

My cousin took her 6 month old out of the infant car seat and into a forward facing convertible seat a couple weeks ago. Convertible seats are not often used for such young babies here but I know that's mostly about convenience of the infant car seat also being used to transport the baby. As far as I know the seats are good for a baby his weight and age (15 pounds, 6 months). BUT forward-facing... I can't even believe she would do that! Doesn't she know the risks if there was a collision? She lives about 20 minutes from town too so she is often on a 90km/h road and they are in the car a lot.

I say I can't believe it, but she did the same with her daughter, she smoked pregnant, she stopped breastfeeding because she wanted to be able to have a drink and have a break from the kids while the dad took care of them. She makes decisions based on what she feels like and she says the baby was being annoyed so he got switched. I was with her for an hour-long car ride the week before the switch and the child didn't utter a sound! Anyway. Let's just say it's not far-fetched that she would also switch him early. But this is more than early.

Do you have any tips or ideas on what I should do or say? I saw her quickly once and I didn't say anything but I really feel that I need to. In the end I guess she will make her own decision and probably won't care, but I need to know 100% that she has the knowledge to make an informed decision on this. To know she's putting her baby in danger and going against the law.

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Mona Z said...

Wow, it's a tough one. Would you believe people here don't even use a car seat? Many anyway. I've seen people with the baby on the driver's lap even. It's unfathomable. Just try to say it in a non judgmental tone even though, you know what she's doing is not in the best interest of her child.

LK said...

It sounds like, based on her past behavior, that she may not care what you think. Also, I'm pretty sure that when we were babies all car seats were forward facing and we all survived just fine. Not saying that its the safest of the two, its not.

You probably need to let her do what she wants to do. Its her child. You can try to politely bring it up but I'm not sure it'll have much effect.

Andahlucya. said...

She should not be smoking around her children ever,she can start like I did in quitting it by not smoking for the hour car ride,if she can do that she can see she can be without smoking for 1 hour,then 11/2 and so on ans chew gum instead.

HijabRockers said...

Assalamu'alaikum Candy,
Sometimes we don't have to say anything, especially if it's regarding their way of doing something. Just show her a good example, InshaAllah. And of course, make a lot of du'a for her =).

Candice said...

Mona: Yeah, I know that's true in Egypt. And I can only imagine that the chances of an accident are higher in Cairo traffic than here generally (maybe similar when we factor in the crazy weather we can have) and I let my daughter be there a total of close to 10 weeks knowing she'd never be in a car seat and knowing she wouldn't even be wearing a seatbelt actually.

I might be overdoing it because of the norms here. The law is 10 kilos and 1 year and able to stand alone to be turned so she is way way early on turning him. It's unlikely to cost his life, but the small increase in risk is so not worth it. I know that her smoking is more dangerous than the car seat but that part she knows very well and has been told.

LK: You're right, there's not much I can do. I will just give her the information on what the law states in case she is not informed and tell her that in the case of an accident, her baby's chance of survival is much lower than turned backwards but I will leave it at that.

Nurul: Thanks for your comment. Dua is probably the best thing I can do.

Anonymous said...

You could get an article of a recent accident where a child was hurt/killed by not being in the car seat correctly and show it to her. Just say, "Oh my gosh, did you hear about this?" and just talk about how sad you feel. You don't have to say anything about her, just make it seem like the story really concerned you. Maybe she'll get the picture on her own.

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