Friday, February 24, 2012

This is bad *embarassed*

Why not admit it in a place where I am relatively anonymous?

I'll start from the beginning though. For some reason, I have trouble understanding people sometimes. I need to see their lips to really understand what they are saying a lot of times, even when I can hear them pretty well. I'm not even a visual person overall, but to understand someone when there is background noise or they are not speaking very loudly (even though it's plenty loud or clear for most people to understand) is difficult for me. It's like an extra-mild hearing impairment except for the fact that I can hear just fine.

At work my coworkers need to move their face from behind their screen or I don't understand. At a show or a crowded place it's useless to talk directly in my ear - I won't get it!

Yesterday at the store, a teenager came to inquire about something. He had a pretty soft voice and a bit of an accent. I could tell he was speaking clearly enough and not having too much trouble expressing himself, but he was very dark skinned and his lips were the same colour and didn't stand out I guess... I was looking at his lip but I couldn't understand well what he was saying. It was like his lips were blended with the rest of his face! I really felt bad about it because it was my problem causing this trouble, not his accent or anything.

Anyway, it's embarrassing and makes me feel so ignorant (like when people can't tell Chinese people apart). WTF is my problem?

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Elisa said...

Oh man. . .I have a similar problem just like that! I feel like such a dummy some times! LoL Don't feel bad about it. . .we all have our little quirks we wish we could change.

Mona Z said...

I prefer to see people's face but that's just a preference. What about on the phone?

Candice said...

Elisa: What's your's?

Mona: That's a good question! I actually have to think about that... I don't seem to have problems over the phone very often actually and my job (when I'm not on mat leave like I am now) is over the phone most of the day! I think it's easier to concentrate when I don't have a person to look at and also with adjusting the volume it helps.
I function just fine in public and it doesn't cause me anxiety or anything, but I am a little bit uncomfortable speaking to people face to face. Maybe that plays in

jana z. said...

candice, it sounds as if you have some moderate hearing loss. there are different types of hearing loss. most people just think you cant hear anymore but many people have hearing loss and they cant hear whispers, others (like myself) cant hear if there is background noise and i understand you are having that problem too. then of course theres severe hearing loss when you cant hear anything except shouting, which we associate with old age. and finally total deafness. there can be different areas in the ear that are affected too which causes diff problems with hearing. but seriously, i do believe you have some hearing loss which is causing your problem. you can hear most everything ok, but with certain settings you cant. best to have an auditory test!!

Candice said...

Thanks Jana. I may try to get an appointment sometime, but I'm fully functional since it's only in very specific conditions that I'm affected.

I read a blog post a while back... I forget her name but she has a hearing impairment and knew sign language and how to lip read to get by. She got her hearing tested officially and was told her hearing was quite normal and that it was just her brain not able to differentiate sounds enough to be able to understand. She was quite devastated and was basically told she just needed to learn to focus on the right sounds to understand - no more help than that!

I figure I might be a super mild case similar to her's and that there's nothing they'd be able to do.

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