Saturday, February 25, 2012


I love names and always have. I'd spend a long time finding names for dolls and I was always interested in pronouncing French names in English or English names in French of people I knew (most only spoke one of the languages). When my cousin got pregnant with her baby in 2001, I really dove in. I had names chosen for that baby! She would have been either Rachelle or Mathis if I named her myself when she was born in 2001 but really she ended up with a much prettier name (with an uglier spelling): Lyliane.

I spent the next 4 years as a regular on a popular naming message board and I kept lists of names. When I met my husband everything went into the dumpster because of all the restrictions of being with an Arab Muslim man and it was too depressing to keep lists of names I could never use. The list of names I could use was small and stayed similar.

Anyway, in this post I just wanted to post the names that I love that sound like my own name. It'd be nice for you guys to do the same!

Here are the names that sound quite a lot like Candice: Cadence, Katniss (from Hunger Games of course), Carys (care-iss)
And ones that have the same ending: Alice and Beatrice
And one with a similar beginning: Kendra

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Amalia said...

Oh I totally understand! I am also a name lover. I joined a while back - such a great community with fantastic message boards for a huge range of things and also just to talk names. I spend so much of my online time there and have made some great friends. You should check it out :)

Candice said...

I think I will! I haven't found an awesome community like I had on the baby names board on Delphiforums from 2001 to 2007. Been off of boards for the most part since except for babyandbump when I was trying to get pregnant and a little after. It's too big though and I miss the personal feel of the old board where we actually got to know one another. I think I replaced it with blogging!

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