Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Key to happiness?

If there's one single thing that is the most important factor in a person's happiness, I believe it's having high self-esteem.

It's a concept that is tied to so many other things that are factors to ones happiness levels. People with high self-esteem are confident in themselves but not in a superficial or fake way, they truly feel good about who they are and have some pride in themselves. They feel worthy. They attract good people because of that. I also believe they deal with less stress and anxiety and depression as someone dealing with low self-esteem. Of course, they can have to deal with a problem that is creating stress in their lives and they can have an imbalance causing depression like anyone, but I feel that they are probably better equipped to get over hardship than someone with low self esteem.

I was hoping to start a Facebook trend a while ago when I posted something like:
"I'm awesome because ____________! Re-post and fill in the blank to show others why you rock and promote high SELF-ESTEEM. I'm awesome because..." (and I put one in for myself).

Not a single person on my Facebook re-posted it. I think I need a catchier think to make people re-post it... But I also think people are uncomfortable being happy with themselves and loving themselves and admitting that they are cool, funny, beautiful, good moms, awesome daughters, etc. I don't believe in bragging about things, but I also think we need to stop bringing ourselves down all the time. We need to be true to ourselves and find ways to improve, but just because I have a lot of things to improve on that I know and work on daily doesn't mean I don't have lots of things to be proud of and happy with. Some of the things I work on improving are also things I can be proud of and it's not conflicting. I try to be a better mom all the time, but I'm a good mom still!

I'd love to hear how you feel about yourself. You are unique and full of qualities, I'm sure. Tell me about those.

And if someone has a better idea on something pro self-esteem that could go viral (or be just a little tiny bit contagious), I'd love to have it!

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Susanne said...

I think I remember your posting that on Facebook and I liked it. I just don't feel comfortable saying "I'm awesome" for some reason. But I like the idea behind it. Good idea! :)

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