Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hijab friendly celeb pics

A very modest outfit worn by Jessica Alba. I found this picture in a magazine at the movies and loved the style so here I am sharing it. Sorry for having to turn your head sideways:

And here is Madonna at the Superbowl halftime show in her priestess outfit, which could pass as a fancy abaya. I kind of love it, in particular the awesome gloves!

4 Comentários:

Amalia said...

Really nice :)

SS said...

where is hijab?..

Safiyah said...

I like Jessica Alba's outfit :)
Although I think the only reason they wear long clothes is because it's cold :p

Candice said...

SS, it's not hijab, it' hijab-friendly.
Safiyah: Maybe you're right! But this type of outfit in decent materials and a bit modified would be good for a Muslim even in warm weather (though not very hot because of the layering). :)

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