Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I'm linking towards a short post by Safiyah about Islam and Ego.

Let's all put this great advice into practice. She links to a lecture too which could be beneficial (I have yet to actually watch it).

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Safiyah said...

Thanks for linking to my post :) I found the lecture very beneficial, and quite an eye-opener! :)

SS said...

Sister Sifiyah's understanding on Islam is very positive now a days.
I have downloaded the video which she linked.
It is advisable to watch the video after downloading to your computer.
It took about 30 minutes to download on my system due to slow server...but meantime I browsed other topics..

Very thought provoking video of brother Nouman Ali Khan...his humbleness, down to earth approach while advising is very inspiring.

I never thought, it is so easy to get rid of “EGO” with such a simple methods..May Allah grant him jannah for his efforts.


Candice said...

I hope to watch it in full sometime soon!

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