Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another day at the store

I'm here for 6 hours today which is just going to be horribly long and boring, on top of that possibly being stressful and frustrating.

My husband still hasn't managed to give me the information on what we sell and for how much. I have NO CLUE what most of the stuff we have here sells for. In my regular 4 hour shifts I deal with maybe 2-3 clients on average so at least it's not like not knowing what to say to dozens of them, but STILL! I'm already limited by what I can do here because I'm not a computer technician... If someone has a technical question, I can only take their info and get my husband to call back. But if I could at least sell stuff when the client already knows what they want, that would be great! If I could give the information on our computers and laptops, that would be useful! We sold out of the other model we had for laptops and have a new one... I have no idea what the price is! I can show it to them, but most people don't want to see it without knowing if it's in their price range!

He's SO DISORGANIZED it's just so frustrating! With a young baby in my arms at all times, I can't help with this. It's already a lot for me to stay here with a baby and keep him entertained and fed discreetly (in full stress that a client will walk in on my boob). UGH. I want this crap over with!

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LK said...

Its the weekend right? So why isn't he at the store? He really needs to give you more information or else his business will flop. Or you have to hire someone that knows about computers.

Candice said...

He works 7 days per 2 weeks and it works out to one weekend out of two. So he worked last night 7pm to 7am this morning and is working tonight at 7pm and tomorrow at 7pm too... So right now he's home sleeping.

I'm so pissed off, seriously. I wrote him a note and I swore I wouldn't come in next day unless he did every single thing on there. I'm sick of saying that and coming in anyway feeling like crap here. He threatens me that he will quit his job if I don't, bla bla... But he can just go ahead and do that and see if he manages to pay his bills if he really can't take a couple hours to make things organized.

LK said...

Hmmm. No offense to your husband but I don't think he has a clue about what it takes to run a store. its A LOT of work. And you can't just leave it and hope people buy stuff. He needs to teach you what everything is or he needs to hire someone who knows.

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