Friday, January 20, 2012

Old Friends

I've been taking advantage of my maternity leave to get back in touch with old friends and it feels so good. With working full time and taking care of Nora and big lazy husband, I never really found the time to take the time to reconnect with old friends. Now that I'm off, I have :)

When it came to friends, I only saw one friend regularly and one cousin every couple months - that was it outside work and family! Now I see my good friend as much as usual, my cousin a lot more often since she had her baby around the same time as me and I also reconnected with friends from all three highschools I attended. 1st, my group of 3 girlfriends I graduated with which was just awesome. We were meeting at my place after Nora went to bed so we couldn't really do anything but I had videogames (Kinect) as a back-up plan if we got bored. But we just talked from 8pm until 1am, never noticing the time!! When we saw the time, we were all surprised at how late it was! Unfortunately, they don't live in the area so I can't hang out with them often, but I won't wait 2 or 3 years before meeting up again for sure!

I also saw one of my friends from the highschool I went to before that just last week. We were connecting on Facebook and she made me a workout plan to get back in shape since she's a kinesiologist so we met up to catch up for sure, but also so that she could show me the exercises. She was living in a different province for a few years so I hadn't seen her in a long long time. It was nice and not awkward like it could have been (I have seen her maybe 4x since I went to that school in 2004). She works in my city and lives about 20 minutes away so it will be easy to see her again.

Yesterday I saw a friend I went to elementary and the first high school with. I was never close friends with her but she had a baby 1 month after me and through Facebook we decided to meet up since we both live close to each other and everything. Well... That one wasn't a huge success. We didn't have any chemistry and I guess that might've been why we were never close friends before! lol. But still, I tried! She would've been the best one to have a good friendship with since we're in the same city and both have a baby, but nah. We just didn't "click".

Next up is a second friend from the second highschool (that I went to with the kinesiologist) who recently moved back to the area. I have been talking to her through Facebook as well but haven't seen her since she lived in a part of the province I've never even heard of before. I can't wait to see her really - she was a weird anglo outcast like I was back then. :)

I've even been seeing my co-workers regularly. One of them watches some of the same TV shows I do so I get her USB and bring it back with shows on it. One of them goes to the US on vacation and I make the calls and reservations for her every year so I've been seeing her for that. Another I will go to see a music show with next month. And I've been to the company just to have lunch with them.

I'm not much of a stay-at-home type. I feel great when I manage to get things done, but I'd be majorly depressed if I didn't have a car or didn't have any sort of life outside the home. For real.

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Susanne said...

aw, yay for connecting with people! What do you mean about being an Anglo outcast? That made me curious. :)

Candice said...

LOL, well, we are both anglophones in a French school and I won't go as far as to say that it was the reason we didn't have many friends and were considered "different"... But I feel it's a small factor at least.

In my elementary school, we had a French side for a while in the same school building and we did not get along at all. My cousins were at my school for a couple years and I never ever played with them. Anglos and Francos didn't mix.

At my high school, there was a French and English side too, more divided though than the elementary one since we only shared the auditorium and cafeteria, but there were French against English fights sometimes. People are truly stupid. I wish my parents and my cousins parents had made us be strong and confident enough to lead others into playing together despite the differences. I wasn't a leader... I was mostly a follower trying to avoid bullying... Anyway...

Becky said...

Yay for seeing old friends, and that really sucks, I knew that Canada was divided, but I had no idea it was that bad.

Candice said...

Becky: This was in elementary and high school. Among adults it's not a big deal except for the huge emphasis put on French that is just ridiculous. You might have seen the thing with the company name on my Facebook... Another story was a bar hosting a New Year's Eve party and advertising for it in French. It was mostly for tourists and stuff... It made first freakin' page that they were calling it a NYE party instead of writing it in French. WTF, can we write what we want? (The answer is no)

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