Monday, January 16, 2012

My husband is working his ass off. He's working full time at his old job and is working at the store whenever he can, which ends up being about 30h a week from my calculations. He has asked me to watch the store on my "day off" a couple times on Fridays so he can attend mosque and I have been saying no. I really don't like being here and I end up planning things on that Friday off because it's the last day of the week I can do something without Nora since she is at daycare weekdays...

Part of me feels bad. I know he finds it important to attend Friday prayer and that he hasn't been able to go for a while. I respect that this is something that is important to him and that could even help him feel better with everything that he has to do and the stress he probably feels... but the other part doesn't want to do any more than work the 12h/week I feel forced to work.

It seems like everything could have been great if he skipped the business idea and kept his job. I would see a lot more of him, we would all be living with less stress, I'd be 100% on maternity leave focusing on the family, we'd have all of his income as "extra" that we could save and be able to put a down payment on a house in 1 year if we wanted, or one of us would be able to go back to studies and have decent savings to help us live on less with the added expense. I would also be going to Egypt soon if he had not started this business and that was something I wanted to do so badly... I haven't been in Egypt since 2006 and once I go back to work full time, I won't have enough time off to go until 2013 which is when I get 3 weeks of vacation for the first time (and it still does not seem long enough)

My husband says we'll make it work for me to go to Egypt but I don't see how. I'm not one to put myself into debt for a vacation. When they went the other two times it was because we were able to budget it in.

Anyway! I need to make this blog more interesting. I do nothing but complain! lol

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