Monday, January 16, 2012

A Major Bitch

Of course with having a business we will encounter difficult clients... And I work in collections normally so I deal with difficult clients all the time... But it still surprised me to have to deal with such a bitch!

The woman comes to get her PC repaired. Ahmed sees that she needs a new fan or power supply or something but her case doesn't fit the regular fans so she ends up buying another used case for a decent price. She also decides to upgrade something else for a total cost of 200$ or so including installing everything. A really good price!

She comes a couple days later wanting her stuff back because she decided to deal with Dell directly by mailing her PC to them, etc. I'm sure she can't get a better deal that way especially since she had no warranty, but OK... she has to come back when my husband is here because her PC is in pieces and he's working on it. She pushes herself to the back of the store where the computers are and starts touching everything and telling me this, that, this, that is her's. She notices that her Windows XP CD is not in the case and starts freaking out, accusing us of stealing her Windows! We didn't even have the key on that, and what the hell do we want with a burnt copy of Windows XP? We have our own!

I tell her I was not comfortable with her inviting herself to the back and that we can talk some more up front but that she was not leaving with anything and would have to come back. I also say in a polite way that hopefully the work done on the computer already doesn't end up costing more than what she'd save... and Ahmed would let her know. She leaves making a comment that the work done would be paid by us having used/stolen her Windows!

My husband was really offended when I told him this! Anyway, he had actually opened the computer parts she agreed to buy in front of her to put in the new tower, something I didn't know at all. How can someone think that when someone opens up their PC, puts it to pieces, opens new computer parts from their packaging and starts to install it into a new tower that this can be cancelled at anytime for free?!

He ends up convincing her to go on with the original plan because of the work already done so he puts everything in and only had her Windows left to install because she had not given him the key she said she had (there was no sticker on her computer). He kept calling her and she would answer and hang up when she heard his voice... He eventually ends up leaving a message on her answering machine that he would charge 40$ plus tax for the work done and that she could simply come get her computer parts if that was what she wanted.

She calls back saying she contacted Consumer Protection! WTF! Protection from us when we gave her all options and she was the one who decided she was not paying her invoice when work was done?! Anyway... I can't believe some people! They want everything for nothing! She came to the store today while I was there and I played innocent about it because I didn't want to get into it and blow in her face. And she played innocent with me too, she was baby-talking to Adam and being all nice. But she actually came with a witness -- for crying out loud! UGH.

Ahmed is trying so hard to satisfy every single client. We are offering prices well under what any other place offers right now and until the month of June to try to build a loyal clientele and so far it has been a good success with the clients who do come (honestly, it's not that busy) so it's surprising to have this super unsatisfied client throwing threats at us! I won't be surprised if he ends up giving it to her all for free to make sure she can't say a bad thing about us and to make her feel a bit of shame. He's that type.

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HijabRockers said...

don't let this customer win. let her pay for whatever she should be paying. this is just one person. ur other customers are satisfied. don't worry. U and ur husband are trying to earn honest income. Allah knows. And if the Consumer Protection makes an inquiry, just answer truthfully. they're not stupid. they know what to believe. good luck with ur business =)

truth said...

This is very common in servicing or any small or big business places.
I saw complaints in big business stores like carrefore /electronic giants etc,, than any other smaller establishments.

Take it easy. When you start any new business, you must keep in mind (know) 10% customers as negatives. In some places (cities) percentage may vary. You learn more when days pass by. Experience with different people /customers helps you understand human psychology which also helps you correct your own and their mistakes.

Flexibility in your attitude in business is one of the ways to be successful.Most of the time we ( business people) must keep in mind "customers are always right".

My prayers for your success.

Insha Allah and Aameen.

Candice said...

Thanks for the comments. The woman came back and refused to pay for a part she broke while she was in the store even though we were going to charge her nothing for all the time and work done... Whatever, I guess. She has changed her story and is now saying she never asked to have anything done to her computer and that Ahmed did the work without any authorization even if she has the invoice in her hands... Whatever though... She will have to live with her lies.

Susanne said...

Aw, that's so awful. I hate when people are like this! Argh! Maybe you should have people sign a contract. Ahmed could see what work needs to be done and people could sign that they authorized him to fix it and they are liable for the parts and labor. She sounds like she is just a bully. This is probably normal for her. You reap what you sow though...hate to see her at harvest.

Becky said...

Wow, what an awful woman, I'm sorry you've had to deal with this :(

As have been said already, you reap what you sow, kinda feel sorry for her then, her life can't be much fun.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

well, i guess this was planned... rite from the beginning, she knew she'd be doin this.....

any way u can avoid this in the future???
i mean, some kind of written request by the customers regarding what they really want done with their computers... with signature and some kind of shop seal???

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