Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm so boring!

I would really like to get back into blogging about topics that I'm thinking about related to Islam and bring this blog back to what it was before... I was right in the middle of a beautiful journey, figuring out what I really believe and who I am spiritually.

What I have now is better though. I actually feel just plain well and satisfied with life overall and where I'm at spiritually. I want to grow and learn, but when times are more difficult, it's somehow more urgent.

Content people are so boring! If I were an artist, I'd be going broke right now.

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LK said...

LOL I'm in the same boat. between school and grad prep and dating I don't have time to come up with philosophical blog posts. I'm also no longer in a crisis that contributed to the majority of my religious posts. Guess that is what happens when the conflict is solved.

truth said...

YOU SAID: I would really like to get back into blogging about topics that I'm thinking about related to Islam (ISLAM) and bring this blog back to what it was before...
ME: There were some ex (converted) Muslims who believed it from 1% to 80 + %.....then they left Islam because they gave benefit of their doubt to enemy of Islam s,Islamophobes and other pretending to be Muslims etc.. who are fake.
I don’t know what percentage you believe in Islam….if you consider yourself of percentage Muslim, better you leave Islam on itself..
But that doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to believe what you want to believe…you can have faith in whatever you like to..But don’t try to interpret Islam on your own by telling, I (you) like irshad manji, I like tazaqqa and so on…they blame Islam to the extent that itself proves they were enemies of Islam….
Some of your older posts proves you are an admirer of irshad manji who invented many things herself and her most obnoxious claim was 5 times prayer in Islam is not obligatory..
The other poisonous element was tazaqqa…I also have read you are favoring her/his ideology of UU on their ( tazaqqa) blog pages. (Please allow me to criticize that enemy of Islam called tazaqqa , because that beast have even compared 9/11 event to a 1400 year old (may be false) incident mentioned in hadeeth blaming prophet was the main cause of 9/11, navoodubillah)..
Now days you are supporting another slanderous “almost-poisonous- muslimah” on her blog…also a concern for Muslims…
You have many doubts about Islamic teachings…I don’t know where you stand on islamic faith.
When some “so called percentage ex Muslims” say, they were Muslims for 14 years- or -7.5 years –or- 2 years- or- 1 month…..they are considered as “FAKE EX MUSLIMS”…
Those (fake Muslims) who left Islam proclaiming themselves as 1% to 80% Muslims before they leave as a whole; they themselves proved they were never 100% Muslims before they leave..
Islam has no 1% Muslims or 80%......Islam needs 100% faith to be a Muslim….if someone says I don’t like this in Islam, or I don’t like that are actually not Muslims, they are fake…….That’s why Muslims say those ex Muslims are big fakes and never been Muslims..
Don’t think I am offending anybody..Their attitude toward Islam forced me to comment little bit harshly…otherwise I don’t have any hatred or enmity towards them….when they slander or blame or try to change Islam on their own , it hurts..

Susanne said...

My poor starving artist friend...(ha), I'm glad you are content presently and life is good! :)

Candice said...

truth: You're creeping me out. I'm hoping you just happen to read a lot of blogs and have come across my comments and have an amazing memory, but I'm feeling a bit like you're stalking me online. Please quit it.

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