Thursday, December 29, 2011

Working at the Store

I was getting used to doing my little thing with Adam every day and I didn't even mind that my husband wasn't around much after a couple weeks. It was great and I honestly loved it! I felt a sense of accomplishment from keeping up chores around the house and also managed to take it easy with my little man and just enjoy him plenty. But now... Now I have to start working at the store. My little routine of taking care of the kids and the home is all messed up!

It has just started, but so far I just spend my time dreading the 4 hours I will have to spend at the store every 2 days. It's in the middle of the day too so it just uses up 4 hours of daylight time that I spend trying to get chores done (and it's also my lunch time!). I HATE doing chores when it's dark at and that's at 4pm now. I bring Nora to daycare by 9, come back, leave home at 10:30 for the store. That's what is left of my routine 1 day out of 2 because after those 4 hours, I can do errands for 1h before getting Nora again.

This sucks... It's really not busy which makes it easier to be there, but also means the business is not going very well at all and that I'll be doing this for a long time (and that it might end up a failure with us owing a bunch of money and having wasted a whole lot of energy and effort and time). If it takes off it will be more work for me, but it will mean my husband might be able to quit his job to take care of the store which would take me off the hook. And having a store is his dream. He's willing to both work hard and have me work hard to achieve it, hahaha

Anyway, enough complaining... I need to create a new routine for us and deal with it probably until I go back to my job in September.

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Becky said...

Awww that does sound really tiring, hope you manage okay :)

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