Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dream I've Been Having

In the past week or two I've been having dreams of me missing my husband and wanting to be with him and never really being able to which makes sense because of his business and the baby. We are both very busy each in our roles and have spent very little time together. Friday last week he officially opened the business and his pamphlet went out so he has been very busy with clients and trying to finish the store set up.

Those dreams made a lot of sense in a literal (no interpretation needed) way. I miss him because we haven't been seeing each other.

For the past two days I've been having dreams that leave me feeling sad and betrayed. First was me finding my husband kissing my cousin (she was saying "we shouldn't" in the dream) and last night the dream had me finding out that my husband had a brief marriage to a woman while married to me and that he slept with her twice during this brief marriage of their's.

I honestly don't fear that he cheated on me so it's not such an obvious dream... But it has been bothering me and I keep thinking about how I felt...

We joked a little about how he was giving birth to a store while I was giving birth to a baby but after these dreams, it seems like it has given me more a feeling of him getting another wife rather than having another baby! Like he's cheating on me with the store!

What do you think?

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Susanne said...

It sounds like your dreams are living out the old saying "so and so is married to his job." Probably you are both so busy and unable to spend proper time together that your mind is just thinking about this and thus your dreams are influenced. The job metaphorically has become another wife. Hopefully you two will be able to spend some time together soon. Don't grow apart due to your busyness. Good luck! :)

Ieyean said...

Dear sister,

Dreams are just dreams, never doubt your husband until it's proven. You have to always remember that you will always be challenge to see how far your patient is, n whether you easily fall for your emotion rather than strong and always go back to Allah to find peace....:)

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