Saturday, October 15, 2011

"Not that there's anything wrong with that"

I don't know if anyone watched Seinfeld? We are going through the seasons lately and in this episode, Jerry and George pretend to be gay because someone is eavesdropping and it ends up being the person who Jerry was waiting for to be interviewed. So the episode is him trying to convince her that he's not gay, "not that there's anything wrong with that". This line is repeated many times.

My husband does think there is something wrong with that and found the episode kind of annoying overall I think. I can't help but feel that my husband or anyone else who has something against gays needs to just SHUT IT and this really made me realize how much it bugs me when someone really does have something wrong with gays. I can't change that he's uncomfortable with homosexuality and that he is against gay rights like marriage, adoption, and would even support any law that makes it illegal or criminal or anything, I think. But I really think people with these closed-minded views need to just keep quiet.

Where is the line though between what can and should be said (even if it's a "hot topic") and what shouldn't be said? Am I being unreasonable in believing that people against gay rights should keep to themselves about it?

Where do you draw the line?

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jana z. said...

i believe God made all of creation and no matter what one's beliefs or lifestyle is, there is not one of us that is any better than the next. everybody's different. one might be gay but the other one might be an asshole....sorry, just saying!

my husband was the same way and he got on my nerves...but he had many thoughts against "gays", "blacks" etc etc.

Hebah said...

I think it;s unfair of you to be against others stating thier opinions when it comes on gay people. Everyone has a right to state thier opinions whether or not you agree with them or not.

Candice said...

Jana: Yeah, I'd rather stay far away from judgement if I can. Sometimes I feel like my husband is fighting with himself about the gay issue. He has a problem with it, but not as much as before. I think he wishes he had more of a problem with it because of his cultural background.

Hebah: Yes, they have a right, but I hope we can agree that there are cases when people should shut up.

Think racism... I honestly do believe these people, even if they have the right to say things, need to keep it to themselves and never talk openly about their racist ideas. And I feel the same about other forms of hate like hating gays. My question was where to draw the line. Some people believe it's great for others to say what they are thinking even if it's hateful, others think certain subjects are open for discussion while others are not...
I don't base this on what I believe and only wanting people with my point of view to speak. I am basing it on not being hateful and discriminating.

Nikki said...

I totally agree, Candice. And Hebah, they have the right, but does that really mean they should exercise it? Look at slavery, and inequality between blacks and whites in history. And then the illegality of interracial marriage. We look back on all of these things and think, "My word! How could people have thought/acted this way!" Well, i truly think one day people who were adamant about denying gays their rights will be viewed in the same light as those adamant about segregation and the inferiority of blacks. I won't put up with someone talking bad about ANY group around me. My husband has been scolded countless times for making comments about Jews. Everyone's entitled to their thoughts, but religion doesn't give one an excuse to be a bigot.

Candice said...

Thanks for explaining in a better way than I did what I meant Nikki! :)

Becky said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly, even worse, parts of my extended family are like that and it angers me so much. Especially since my youngest sister is gay.

It makes me especially mad, when people talk about not being prejudiced or discriminatory on the basis of say, religion or race, but it's okay on the basis of sexuality? None of these things are okay. And yes, some people should just shut up already.

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