Monday, October 3, 2011

My Birthing Plan

Here is my birthing plan. Just a general idea of what I want from my birthing experience for things to go as smoothly as possible. I didn't add an after birth/ baby caring section because I know their procedures and they put the baby right on the mom when it's born, they strongly support breastfeeding and would never give him any water or bottle. Also, the baby always stays with the mom in her room even right after a c-section. All things that I want.

To my husband and birthing companion:

I want you to have a plan about religious traditions that you want or need to do, and communicate that with the hospital team and make sure they get done.

I wish to stay at home for as long as possible after contractions start. You will need to write (or use an app) to time the length of contractions and how far apart they are. Please wait until I suggest we go and do not pressure me into going to the hospital too fast. I wish to be in a calm environment to help me relax. Helping me relax will be your main goal.

This will continue once at the hospital of course. I will need you to speak calmly always. You will need to remind me to focus on my breathing. You will need to remind me to relax my muscles during a contraction and focus on recuperating in between contractions. I want you to learn acupressure to be able to try that for my pain relief.

I want you to remind me to try different positions during contraction. Please do not mention asking for pain relief as that will put into question my ability to deal with the pain. Let me decide when to ask. Remind me of our baby often. Make me focus on the birth to come.

To the team at the hospital:

I wish to avoid pitocin to induce at any cost. Unless the baby is in danger without it or if I end up getting an epidural and the doctor judges the drug useful or necessary for stronger contractions at pushing stage that is it. I also wish to not have my water broken artificially. I will consent to stripping the membranes though.

I wish to be offered the milder pain relief medications (air and gas, morphine) but not an epidural, although I am open to the idea of taking one if I get to that point. I will ask myself if I want it at any point during labour.

Unless there is need because of danger for my baby (or if I get an epidural), I do not want to be strapped down by monitors. An occasional check with a hand held device will be welcome. I will also consent to very occaisional internal exams to see how things are progressing, but if I am dealing well with contractions, I'd rather not be bothered often.

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Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Salam alaikum. Sounds like a good plan.

May Allah make it easy.

Anonymous said...

Are you looking for feedback on this? Did you have the same birth plan with your first child? Did your birthing explierence work out the way you wanted it to? -Zuhura

Candice said...

If there's something I don't seem to have thought of or any better way to express myself, I'd be happy to hear it! I didn't really put it up for feedback though. Just to share mostly.

With Nora I wanted a natural (med-free) birth really badly but I did not deal with the pain well at all. I was stressed, stiff and just unable to relax. My husband wasn't there which didn't make things easier. As close as I am with my mom and cousin who accompanied me, it's impossible to be as comfortable with them in such an intimate situation.

Nora's birth went really well though. I ended up getting an epidural after a pretty long painful (not progressing) labour, slept and woke up ready to push. They gave me some pitocin only at this point to help make the contractions stronger. It went super smoothly and I'd be happy to have a similar experience only I hope to deal with it all a little better being with my husband. But I needed to make it clear to him that he was there to support, not try to find a way to get me out of pain like I know he'd want to do. It's simply a part of labour and he needs to get that or else he will hinder more than help me through this birth!

Anonymous said...

My comment got eaten. I just wanted to suggest that if you really want a natural childbirth, you should remove the "unless" clauses in your birth plan. Those factors will always be there, but if you have them in mind going in you are much more likely to waiver, and the hospital staff is much more likely to offer you drugs. If you still have time to read anything before your due date, I highly recommend the book Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon. It has a lot of good advice about how (and why) to avoid drugs and it will also teach your husband how to be a good labor coach.

Becky said...

Sounds like a good plan. I hope everything will go smoothly, God willing :)

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