Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Giving a bad name to Muslims again!

A Muslim man called to open up a file for a loan here and was refusing to be served by a woman! In the end, he went through with it with our female agent but she says he was being condescending the whole time.

I'm so pissed at this man I don't know! He better not get me next time he calls.

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Mona Z said...

What the hell!? Was he like super religous and didn't want to speak to a non mahram woman or something? Or was it just him being a chauvinistic douche?

Candice said...

I'd go with chauvinistic douche for sure. We do high interest loans so it's not the religion! And anyway, we are in Quebec - in any place that offers servies, there are way more women than men working! What a dumbass!

jana z. said...

speaking of giving muslims a bad name, i have a male muslim patient that sleeps with a brick in his bed and a nurse wrote in his chart "mr xys sleeps with a concrete brick in his bed due to RELIGIOUS REASONS"....i was like WTH? this is idiocy!

Zain Christopher said...

Interesting. Assuming he was going to sign his name to an interest-based loan, perhaps he should be reminded that transacting in riba is worse than committing incest with one's mother. Shameful.

Becky said...

Oh my gosh, he's getting a loan with interest, isn't that more against his religion than speaking to a woman over the phone. You guys must have some really sexy voices ;)

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