Saturday, October 22, 2011


There's a lot of progress really. The place is painted and shelves and stuff are about 3/4 ready. There isn't much stock but that will be with a bit more time. At about 55$ per new game, it adds up to thousands (that we don't have) to fill up a place. A catalogue will be useful for a while for games.

My husband explained all the things he will be offering and I'm actually impressed by it. I also think his strategy is pretty good to get the customers to the store and have them continue to come (build loyalty). He is working on finishing touches and the publicity that will go out - all of this in the next week or maybe 2 maximum and after that it will be up and running!

I'm due in 10 days so we will be giving birth around the same time. hahahahahahaha
I laugh but it worries me a little to have so much going on.

At least things are planned so that we don't risk so much that it could become something terrible like bankruptcy or years and years or debt repayment. We are risking a lot for sure, but mostly my husband is risking a lot of time and energy and the family is sacrificing a more luxurious lifestyle for this project by living off my salary only while his goes into paying company costs. We may have debts that take a year to pay off if the business is not successful but it should not be more than that. And hopefully, God willing, it will not be a complete failure and will even be a good success for making enough money eventually to replace his job's income.

I was watching Dragon's Den the other day which I enjoy once in a while. Someone was pitching a money-making idea of a new casino game that is like black jack but in more of a rip-off type of way. I just felt disgusted by it. This is a business that is based on clients being irresponsible and weak and basically proceeding to taking their money. They don't offer any interesting game or service for the amount of money they take from these poor idiot people. It's a complete and total rip-off! And this game is like that, but even more money-stealing than regular old black jack odds! The guy actually got offers from most of the "dragons" (not his asking offer, but still...). They see money and it doesn't matter how they get it - they just want it.

Another person was a single mom with a decent business idea (spray tanning appointments at your home) that she explained was her full job, supporting her family and Kevin O'Leary basically told her how much it sucked because it wasn't money-making enough. Well at least her business was offering a good service at a decent price AND was a healthier alternative to actual tanning which she mentioned and seemed to care about. I agree with them that there was nothing to invest in, but Kevin O'Leary's comment just showed how hungry for MONEY he is! What an... I donno, but he's a loser.

What I wish for my husband and our family is to be able to run a successful and HONEST business.

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Explore said...

I actually came across a similar gaming computer shop the other day. It had a small capacity, that was entirely uptaken by young men who were maybe 20 - 25.

Candice said...

That's nice. I hope our's will also be busy. I hope though that I don't have to deal with too many weirdos when I'm there alone. lol

LK said...

Candice, he opened a game shop. I use to work at a comic book store. There will be weirdos. But they are usually quite harmless. Mostly just really awkward in the presence of women.

Explore said...

By the way, this is Jasmine from Born Confuzed if you still remember! If you do, it would be weird of me to comment like a new reader lol :-)

You're bound to deal with a few weirdos - they're gamers! LOL just kidding

Candice said...

Lol you both answered very similar before I even published them! Hehe. I agree that gamers can be pretty geek-weird! My husband is one of those! I should deal with them ok I think.
I should probably have written that i hope not to have to deal with creeps...

Candice said...

And yes Jasmine of course I know you! But I didn't known was you so I'm glad you told me :)

truth said...

Congratulations in advance.
All the best...
You and your hubby have taken a small step.

Think BIG.
Think how to make 1 into 2
Then 2 into four...and so on..

That is the ONLY way to more success.

Insha Allah you vl succeed.

My prayers.

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