Monday, September 12, 2011

Single sex classes

How do you feel about single-sex/single-gender classes? Anyone have children in boys only or girls only classes or schools? Did anyone attend such a class?

I feel it's the best option, especially for kids over 12 or so. For us, high school is grades 7-11 so making the switch to co-ed elementary school to single-sex classes in high school would be a great time to transition.

I think it should be an option in all public schools where parents and their kids could decide to go for either co-ed or single-sex education in the same school. Most subjects, as far as I'm concerned would be better taught in single-sex classrooms like sciences, math, languages and physical education. A bunch of subjects would be better co-ed, in particular art, drama and music and I think religious studies or moral education, as well as career orientation too.

I know that when the time approaches for Nora to enter high school, I will do my best to start a petition for parents with children entering the same high school as Nora from all the different schools (with cooperation from the principals of these schools that I hope will be possible to get) to show the school board the interest this program would have. Of course, the interest might be close to nothing... Who knows? But if there is interest at least it would be that much closer to happening. This school board has been the first to do a few things in schools so they might be open to something like this. This is in like 6-7 years so things can change though! I'm a bit early on my plans.

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Anonymous said...

My mom is from a country where girls' schools are separate from boys' schools and the girls' schools were always underfunded. Of course, if we're talking about individual classes there may be a difference, but I'm still very wary and uncomfortable with the gender injustices ex. teachers not teaching science as seriously to girls.

Anonymous said...

Candice, what makes you think that certain classes are better taught as single-sex? Have you read any evidence to support that? I'm weary of segregation in all forms and think its rare to achieve "separate but equal". -Zuhura

Candice said...

Good points I hadn't thought of.

I think that if done in the same school with the same teachers teaching the same curriculum, those wouldn't be issues though. Often in the same class a teacher can teach more towards girls or boys depending which subject which would not be the case if all students in that class would be of the same sex.

Banana Anne said...

I attend an all-women's college in the USA, and I really enjoy it. I haven't really experienced this, but a lot of my friends that also go there say that they prefer to have only women in the classroom because men tend to dominate the classroom and women feel like they can't express themselves as freely.

Candice said...

Zuhura: I mostly just believe that there are differences between boys and girls that could make being in single-sex classrooms more productive and cater to those people more. I wouldn't want to remove the possibility of co-education though. I think the option of having it is important too because lots of girls get along or have temperaments more on the "masculine" side and lots of boys are on the "feminine" side. And it's a freedom I believe in.

Banana Anne: Good to hear about someone who actually experienced it!

Nikki said...

Candice, there is research that supports that girls do better in all girl classrooms. I'm not sure about boys, but I know there is positive research re: girls. We briefly discussed it in my college courses (I majored in elementary education), but not at length because it's simply something American (public) schools are not currently interested in, and that's what we were being trained for (public schools). I do know girls in girl only science and math classes do better (from the research). I'm not sure of the entire reason, but I know some of it's as simple as not having to impress the boys. And sometimes "impressing" the boys means not appearing too smart. It's a shame that girls would think like this in the first place, but at least gender segregated classrooms would get rid of petty issues like this.

As for it being hard to have "separate but equal" facilities and opportunities, I believe in countries like the U.S., and I'm assuming Canada, there has been enough "feminist" movement to ensure that girls would receive the same opportunities as boys. Girls are highly valued academically in America, having a larger percent at university, and graduating at the top of the class, etc.

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