Monday, September 12, 2011

School Uniforms

I'm all for school uniforms. I think they create a sense of unity between the students and pride in their school. I also find that in the same way that hijab take the focus off clothing and puts focus on the actual person underneath, uniforms can do that too. There's convenience too which is nice. Generally I think it brings cost of clothes down but it can easily not be the case if the uniform is fancy, not flexible and simply expensive.

Nora's school (she starts next year - it's for KG - grade 7) has a uniform which teachers say is liked and which they feel helps with school pride. It's not expensive because they only need the maroon polo matched with any navy blue bottoms (pants, dark jeans, shorts, skirt) and navy blue sweater (if it's colder). As far as I know they can wear any shoes and any coat and hat with it and will not be considered as not adhering to the uniform if they wear clothes in navy blue and maroon even if the shirt it's the actual school shirt.

It'd be naive to think that uniforms fix all problems like bullying, discrimination, forming of cliques, etc, but it can't hurt I think! As Muslims, we probably know that hijab doesn't solve all problems of sexual harassment and disrespect, it helps at least a little overall and I see the uniforms a bit the same way.

What is your take on uniforms? Do your kids wear uniforms, do you want them to? Did you wear a uniform while in school? How did you feel about it at the time?

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Mona Z said...

I'm for them. I wrote a post about it waay back but yea, I agree. I can not imagine my kids picking out clothes for school each day, it would be a nightmare. It would also cause a lot of comparison between the kids so yea, Yay for uniforms.

jana z. said...

kylee's school started that just this year and the cost has been considerably lower!! i think all of the children look really great wearing uniforms. and there is no competition for who has the best name brand clothes! everyone has a chance to concentrate on their school work instead of what cute dress the other one is wearing!!

LK said...

They are a good idea in theory. But kids will always find something to create a class system. In schools with uniforms its usually jewelry, purses, book bags, etc that dictate. And the cool girls will hike their skirts, the guys will buy too tight of polos...teenagers LOL. But it is a lot harder to do than say at a public school where you can wear whatever you want. I'm glad that after 5th grade I didn't have a uniform. Clothes allowed me to express myself in a harmless way.

Candice said...

LK: Yes, they will always find ways to show "class". I think it's important to allow kids to express themselves so I'd prefer a looser dress code that allows for many types of accessories even if that means the kids are not dressed as much the same which makes cliques even easier to form. Because either way they will happen, and expressing themselves is an important part of being a kid.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

we have uniforms in all schools (am Indian) and I really liked wearing our uniform.... not so much for the uniformity within school as much for the way it set you apart from the students of other!!!

jana z. said...

my daughter is only in the 3rd grade. they cant carry purses for security purposes! but they can wear accessories and their own shoes and socks. they dont have to conform there!! she can wear her hair however she wants. the jr high schools wear uniforms but not the high schools!!!

of course the more money you have the better tailored the clothes are. but thats life i guess

Becky said...

Uniforms really aren't common or normal in Denmark, and I've never worn one.

I'm not against them as such, but I don't see a huge need for them either. Sure getting dressed could be a challenge - but it's something you need to get used to, you'll be doing it for the rest of your life! My mum would have us lay out our clothes the night before, that way it'll be no hassle in the morning.

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