Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Husband is Sweet

I saw a post the other day about someone advising another person to divorce a wife with Alzheimer's to remarry. It felt pretty cruel a thing to do. Doesn't the commitment made between husband and wife go beyond health? I believe it does.

I realize it would be a difficult situation for a man to deal with though... So it made me think about polygamy. I am pro-choice on the topic but against it for myself. I would not accept being married to someone who is married to someone else than me. BUT, in a situation like the one above... If I had an illness making me not able to fully realize what was going on... I could accept it. Only because I wouldn't have to live with it in any real way of course.

I was trying to tell my husband and he cut me off before I even said the polygamy part. He told me he wouldn't even marry anyone else after me if I died and that he sees our relationship as a relationship that is for ever and cannot be replaced. He might have used the word soul mate but maybe I'm remembering wrong, but that's the feeling I got from what he was telling me.

It made me feel good... and very loved. :)

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Mona Z said...

I agree, it's selfish to think only of getting married when your spouse is ill. I'd like to think most people would not give up like that. I feel the same way your husband does, I'm in this for life.

Aasiyah said...

Awwwwww. <3

But yes... I think it gravely unfair to just marry to serve whatever you need service for. And if it doesn't prove beneficent, you leave. People aren't things that one can throw, nor are they perfect.

Some people just don't have the heart. May Allah ta'ala bless them.

And you and your husband. Really sweet. :)

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