Monday, September 5, 2011

Looking into vegetarianism

I am not against eating meat in and of itself. I think it's part of the natural order of things that animals be eaten by us, but the treatment of animals can be just disgusting and unethical, and this is the main reason that would push me towards becoming a vegetarian or vegan. I'm open to eating animals that have been treated with respect and dignity (although I do think people eat too much meat and it needs to be cut down).

I think that requirements for "halal" food need to be re-evaluated and made stricter. There is the issue of the animal being cut at the vein in one stroke and the name of Allah being said, but also part of Islam requires compassion and respect towards other beings and this includes treatment of animals. I truly don't feel that a chicken has been raised in a factory with thousands of other chickens where they each have less than half a food square to live on and are bred to get huge fast, leaving some of them with broken legs and heart attacks and are fed foods that are not natural for them to eat so that they get fat fast, but harming them in the process, is halal. Even if you take that animal and then slaughter it in one stroke of the vein saying the name of God.

I have to honestly say I value organic meats (let's go with the definition of that as meat that comes from an animal having been fed exclusively organic food that they are meant to eat, and that has lived in conditions that allow it to be a healthy and fulfilled animal of its race) more than I value the "halal" label (which normally means that it was slaughtered in one stroke of the vein with the name of God pronounced over it and which hopefully also includes it not seeing the knife coming and not being slaughtered in front of other animals).

I really would like to get rid of loving food. To still enjoy it, sure, but have it be fuel for my body as the main thing. As it is now, I'm not a huge lover of food and not hugely addicted to food, but I still realize that I am. I eat a LOT of things that I know don't do anything good for my body and this is something I want to change. To maybe eat only VERY FEW things that I know are not doing anything good for my body. As much as food and drinks (I mostly mean my main craving of super-sugary iced coffee from this) are a pleasure, I'd love to give it up to put more focus on other things that can also be a pleasure in my life.

Any thoughts on being a vegetarian or vegan Muslim? Any personal experiences? Do you guys have easy access to organic halal meat? Anyone trying to eat more ethically but finding the husband to be a major obstacle? Tips?

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Jennifer said...

Essalam Alaiku, Happy belated Eid! I was a vegan for awhile, then a vegetarian. After I became Muslim I started eating meat again. I thought that if I could buy Halal then the animals should have been treated during their life span and slaughter according to the sunnah so it made/makes sense to me. You should be able to go to the places where the animals are raised and slaughtered to see if they are doing what should be done. That being said, your reasons for thinking about being a vegetarian are exaclty why I became one.

HijabRockers said...

I'm a flexitarian. I eat occasional fish/meat/chicken-dish in small quantity. No prob for me. But meat does help to strengthen memory. Our Prophet Muhammad pbuh said that there's no benefit in eating meat 40 days in a row and there's no benefit in not eating meat for 40 days in a row. So I don't think it'd a problem if u wanna be vegetarian/vegan. But my choice would be to be a flexitarian. =)

Aasiyah said...

Oh shoot! It's hard to be vegan when your husband craves for heavy food (which is natural for him because he also works heavily). But, living, shopping and cooking on my own, I realized how hard it is to find halal meat. And Filipinos do not have a wide range of meat to choose from (on a normal basis). We have fish, chicken and beef (ignoring pork, of course) only. And I am very particular with food. And I love food. But yes, I suppose...this is part of our test. Because in the first place, we didn't exist to eat. We exist to worship Allah. Food is but only a means to worship, like everything and everyone in this life, Allah aza wa jal better.

Becky said...

I understand your reasons and ethical concerns, but the more I read, the more convinced I am that we are meant to eat meat, for the sake of our health.

But I'm also convinced we should eat more like our ancestors did 10,000 years ago :)

The really tough one here, is that halal animals are supposed to be treated better - but often they're not. I don't have to deal with that issue anymore, so I try to buy grassfed organic meat as often as I can afford to.

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