Thursday, September 22, 2011


I am SO MAD right now!

Nora started going to school 2x 3h per week to prepare for KG starting next year. My husband was supposed to get her today at 10:50 and at 11:05 I get a call from the school asking when someone's going to come get Nora! WTF! I was at work but I had to leave in a rush to get her. I brought her to my work which is like 2 minutes away, figuring my husband would *wake up* and call me and come get her very soon to bring her to daycare. BUT NO! She stayed about a half hour at my work while I called him non-stop before I decided to take an early lunch hour to bring her - not that I'm supposed to have that much flexibility in my hours!

30 minutes after he was late, I was getting worried... It seemed impossible to not have thought of Nora by then... Especially with the crazy emphasis I put on being ON TIME. I said it many times the night before, the morning before work, and I talked to him at 9:15! I also tried to call at 10:30 to remind him but wasn't reaching him... I was getting really worried when he was one full hour late without news because I was thinking maybe he got the time mixed up (11:50 instead of 10:50)... By the time I was able to get to our house, I thought I'd find him dead in the garden or something, it was 12:15.

I entered and he was on the computer. I ask him what he's doing and he didn't even catch the "WTF" tone I was using - he really still had no idea why I was here! Many seconds later, he clicked. How can someone so fully get lost in time and forget his own child?! By that time, he was 1h30 late! I'm beyond infuriated at him! He can never remember his responsabilities around the house, but to forget HIS CHILD?!!!

What is worse is that I always have to deal with situations because of this... We get 25$ taken off our rent because he is supposed to take care of the lawn, snow and garbage (for the neighbour). He mowed the lawn maybe 2x all summer, always forgets to do the snow in winter and last winter for 1.5 months, the neighbour couldn't access her garbage because the path was hip deep in snow! I'm the one who gets talked to by the owner like I was the one to get talked to by the teacher at school. When Nora doesn't go to daycare, we have to inform them by 9am and sometimes he just decides to just keep her and doesn't inform me and I have to deal with them reminding me to inform them in advance time and time again.

I'm fed up! I'm pissed off! I'm just so so so SO angry I'm having trouble concentrating at work. Had to get it out.

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Mona Z said...

Wow, I can totally understand your anger and disappointment. You don't have to answer this, but was it related to the gaming?

Sana Castellano said...


Susanne said...

Oh wow. I would be extremely angry. He seems very immature - like you are having to be his parent which is unfair to you. I think you should talk to him seriously about growing up and taking responsibility for himself and his family. That is nuts.

Candice said...

Mona: It wasn't really the gaming... He didn't seem to be playing - seems anything online can make him lose track of time.

Sana: Lol, thanks. I'm calmer this morning.

Susanne: I don't think he understands why I'm angry. He started saying a couple of times that I got upset for nothing and laughed about it a bit but in the end, to not make me angry, apologized too... But I could tell he didn't think it was a big deal.

Susanne said...

I personally think forgetting your child is a big deal, but say that was the only thing, the only time he had forgotten something he was responsible for...fine. We all forget and make mistakes on occasion.

But when you said the part about him forgetting to do things and YOU having to explain and answer for those...THAT would get beyond annoying and IS a big deal, imo.

Becky said...

I think forgetting your child is an EXTREMELY big deal. Wow. I would be SO pissed off.

Also, I HATE it when people tell you you're overreacting or too sensitive or bla bla bla.

I just read a really interesting article about it yesterday, which really hit home for me. I'll try and find the link:

Candice said...

Becky: What a great website! I quite agree with this article... Good read, thanks!

Susanne: Yes, I can forgive and forget pretty easily, but this man seems to always do other things that remind me of all the other times it happened! He wonders why I'm not over some things... Well it's because with his behaviour, he keeps bringing it up!

Amalia said...

Oh wow I would have been so upset too :( I'm sorry you're having to deal with that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for testing my comment box thing out. it worked. lol...

UGHadsfhoasidfn hdsif

I SOOOOOOOO get where your coming from on this post! I dont remember how many kids you said you have or how old they are; but just wait till the kids are older and asking you for things and you become the 'bad guy/mean parent' and have to tell them NO all the time ON TOP of the ridiculous amount of responsibilities you already have just because the hubby 'forgets'. UGH. sometimes I really trully wonder if its worth it. Then again I remember that 'Heaven is at the feet of Mothers' And being a good muslim wife/mother gets you into heaven easier(ISH). So I suppose it is worth it in the end.

Just keep those things in mind when you just want to scream/cry/pull your hair out/bang your head against the wall/etc. lol.

Good luck Sister!
x Anya and baby kenzi

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