Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I will try to control myself and not get into it too much, but I am SO FRUSTRATED with online gaming. My husband's online gaming habits which one might call his gaming addiction, has a real (negative) impact on our family life.

The number of hours that can be spent on the game and the distraction it causes can be pretty incredible sometimes making him forget (or chose not to do) many basic responsabilities/chores. Our of all the problems a marriage can have, THIS is THE problem for me. If he plays less for even just a week, I am calm, caring, motivated, loving, happy, etc. And if he plays more, I become irritable, angry, upset, impatient, etc. Of course, he probably has some stuff to say about me. When I go nuts, I REALLY go nuts.

But anyway, it's so frustrating that my husband is one of those people who doesn't need a lot of sleep. So even when he works his 12h shift he still finds many hours of free time. I only work 8.5 hours but with the things I have to do when I get home, I have about 30 minutes to myself. And I work 5 days a week (10 days every 2 weeks) while he works 7 days every 2 weeks because of his longer shift. So not only does he have a lot of free time when he works for long hours, he has A LOT of ALONE free time when he is home alone and I'm working and Nora is at daycare 5 days every 2 weeks. We only have 1 week end out of 2 together and half the time I can't even sleep in one of those two days because he stayed up too late playing his game to be able to wake up with Nora. I get to sleep in 1 day out of 4 weeks average (and he mostly plugs Nora on the TV while he plays games).

And I'm tired. Just really really tired.

34 weeks pregnant and trying to deal.

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wantowearhijab said...

Salam. I don't really know what online games are, I assume u mean the games on facebook? My hubby also has lots of free time (just got back from morocco on tues night, alhamdulillah and will be looking for a job) but he can spend hours on the internet, facebook, msn, email, etc. i find it wasteful of time and also of spending time w/ me. I feel like he is too into material goods (was complain how everyone in morocco has a nicer cell phone than him (he has a blackberry). It bothers me but I have realized complaining doesn't do any good:(

Candice said...

He doesn't really play games on FB but he has in the past. He mostly plays the very addictive game of World of Warcraft (the type of game that can be played all day and night with no end) and also Starcraft (some sort of strategy game I think).

Egyptian culture is also into material goods a lot but that part I am over. His mother doesn't know how to use an iphone but we got her one. She feels good just having one. I don't get it, but it is what it is... My husband also likes to have the best of the best, but I've learned to curb him a little and at least he uses the features on his gadgets! lol

LK said...

Sorry to say it love but if he plays WOW you're kinda up a creek without a paddle. That is the most addictive game on the planet. I know so many who have basically wasted away their lives because of that game....theres no escape!

Candice said...

LK: I've gotten from him pretty clearly that he wouldn't give up the game 100% just because I'm unhappy about it... But he's supposed to minimize the gaming very soon. It's just not soon enough and it just takes an expansion or whatever they call it and it starts over!

LK said...

WOW is a legitimate addiction. There are support groups no lie! It becomes a part of people's lives. Its a role playing game where you can actually interact with the virtual world. What you do, what you type in for your character, affects what happens in the game. You can also get to know and befriend other players. You can talk to each other, interact. People have entire lives on WOW. So its not a simple game to give up. Its quite difficult. He will have to ween himself from it.

Becky said...

I can get temporarily addicted to games (and TV series), but I'm usually pretty good at kicking the habit when it happens (usually within 1-2 days, I realize what's happening and tell myself to get a grip, and is this what I want to remember doing 5-10-20-50 years from now).

But yeah WoW is serious stuff - my nerdy cousin met his gf through that!

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