Friday, August 5, 2011

Wow, I'm tired! But happy

I have been making a lot of good efforts for my husband in preparing a decent iftar meal for him... But it's draining! It's a good thing I have until 8:20pm to get it prepared because I would not be able to get things done before then I think!

I work until 5 and it's 5:40pm by the time I get home... With preparing that and getting my daughter to eat earlier and giving her a bath and spending time with her and getting her ready for bed... And then cleaning up a little... It's a 7am-10pm job if I was to do everything fully. Of course, I am not very good at all that, so dishses are left in the sink, the meal is not even that great, my daughter gets to bed later than she should and with taking a bit of time for myself to decompress before actual sleep, I am going to sleep later than I normally would too!

I feel good though that I am able to accomplish so much in a day. It's rewarding to have a happy satisfied husband, a cute lil loving daughter and just to be appreciated and needed.

Thank God it's Friday though! I finish work an hour earlier and I have the weekend off afterwards, woohoo! I will be able to prepare a few things in advance and make the home clean to start off the new week. But I will also be able to NAP during the day, YAY and relax! I have a baby shower too (for my cousin) which will be nice.

Hope everyone is having a nice Ramadan insha'Allah full of peace. :)

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truth said...

ramadan kareem.
u get reward for your sincere effort, by serving your fasting husband.

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god bless.

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