Monday, August 8, 2011

No Wonder

No wonder a bunch of Muslims believe that only Muslims have any chance to go to heaven, with fatwas like this:

Basically, it says that any person who does not pray, even if they do good deeds (including giving charity and fasting), they are "annulled" or of no value to them. Basically not worth doing. It says that if a person does not ever pray, all good deeds are annulled and if they skip one prayer or one day of prayer (they didn't specify if they meant only one prayer or a full day) the day's worth of good deeds is annulled. If someone prays all of Ramadan and fasts in it, but never prays outside of Ramadan, their fast even during the time they were praying is annulled.

The kind of mindset to make this world a crappier place, isn't it? To even try to convince people that good deeds aren't worth doing unless you pray... It's just crazy to me!

I strongly believe that any effort a person makes, even if they are lacking majorly in all sorts of other areas of their lives will be counted. No one knows how it will balance out, but my main philosophy is that no good deed is lost and effort made for good is ALWAYS worth it.

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Banana Anne said...

I agree with both sides. On the one hand, prayer is absolutely central to Islam, and it is said that prayer separates a believer from a non-believer. However, I also think that it is the intention that matters, and if a person is really trying to do better, ALLAH understands and will forgive them for shortcomings. Basically, we shouldn't be so quick to judge someone for not doing something, because perhaps they don't know that something is required, or perhaps they are gradually trying to implement it.

UmmLayla said...

I know where you found this fatwa as I belong to the same group and can say I am equally disgusted by it! I have been fighting myself to keep my big mouth closed and not reply to it so I don't get into an unnecessary argument over it. But after reading this I am okay. It just had to be said how crazy it was, by anyone, so thanks.:)

Kaighla said...

Yeah, that fatwa is messed up, actually. My husband says that kind of thinking is from Shaytan. Like, maybe one is caught up in Zinaa for instance but wants to go to Jumuah. Shaytan will fight him tooth and nail by whispering to him that it is no use. Why pray? You are a filthy sinner! No, pray! Prayer harder and more often because of this enormous, gaping wound in your life you have created by allowing zinaa to creep in!
I will say this, though: actions are based only on intentions. All the good deeds in the world can't save you if you are doing them for any other reason but to please Allah. Even Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) said that not even his good deeds could save him, because salvation is based on the grace of Allah alone. Islam is not about empty deeds, or empty rituals. As a protestant-turned-muslim, I really was drawn to Islam because of the ritual of prayer, specifically. Having spent my entire spiritual life doing what I felt like doing only when I felt like doing it, and basing my worship mostly on my whims and fancies and making it all about goose-bumpy songs and praise music and such, it was refreshing to find that the beauty of the salat is that Allah demands it whether we feel like it or not. And it is not any benefit to him. He says in Qur'an that whether we worship him or not does not take an iota away or add an iota to his glory and his deserving-ness of our worship. He said it only affects us. He is As-Samaad=the self-subsisting one who does not need our worship, and everything in all creation needs him all the time.
When I first converted almost 2 years ago, I had a really hard time praying every fard salah, but with time and more understanding of the basics of the religion, it got easier so that now I am at the point that I often look forward to the salat rather than dread it and avoid it with empty excuses.
May Allah guide you and make it easier for you, ameen.

Candice said...

Anne: I also see prayer as the most important of the rituals in Islam and one that has the power to put everything into place for a person... Like you, I definitely think of Allah as very forgiving and understanding. I think this applies to people who know their faith well and don't do it too - we never know the reasoning, only Allah does!

UmmLayla: Thanks for that! Add me if you find me!

Kaighla: I agree with your husband... Prayer is something that has a lot of power and is all for us as worshippers... The more a person pray, the more things will fall back into place around them and the better the chances of correctig other things they are doing wrong. It's such an important part of the religion that I can understand the hadith about it being the difference between a believer and non-believer. But I see that more as God showing us how important it is to pray to keep other acts of worship in line... Not as an indication that without it other things are invalid.

I love the name As-Samad - it's a good one to meditate on.

Thanks for your great comment :)

Rukhpar Mor said...

Whoa! If what they say is true, then I have no hope for myself=( I always think that every action counts....otherwise we all would just stop doing even the little good things that we do. That logic does not make sense to me.

Banana Anne said...

I agree with Rukhpar about every action counting...after all, the Qur'an says in Surah 99 that whoever does an atom's weight of good will see it, and whoever does an atom's weight of evil will see it.

truth said...

assalamu alaikum sisters.
You converts are right thinkers and understand deen better than born Muslims…I solute kaighla for enlightening and making understand it easily.

B-Anne’s quote on Quran also shows how teachings of Islam to be taken as a faith.

truth said...

“Say, ‘O My servants who have transgressed against their souls [by sinning], despair not of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful,’” (39:53).

Nikki said...

I, too, know where this was initially shared and was alarmed by it. I often miss prayers for one reason or another (although I am all caught up on my Ramadan prayers, alhumdullilah!) and this frightened me on a personal level. I find prayer difficult because my mind wanders and my 2 year old will be crying, climbing on me, or I'll hear a crash from another room, etc. I know! Excuses... But still, prayer is more difficult for some than others.

Also, Rukhpar Mor has it exactly right when they say: otherwise we all would just stop doing even the little good things that we do. After this was shared in the group, the woman shared it with her husband who was fasting and not praying, and his response was to say, 'well then why am I even bothering to fast?'

Her husband is, of course, in need of help with his deen from what I've heard, but fatwas like this are only ever going to turn someone AWAY. :(

Candice said...

Banana Anne: This is the verse I was looking for as a response but I didn't quite remember how it went so I wasn't able to find it...

Nikki: I was trying to find something to respond but couln't think of it. Now I have the verse from Anne but it might be a bit too late to post in this conversation as it's probably buried under all sorts of new ones... I will think it over and see.

It's so much better for someone to start off with the idea that any good they do will count, even if they are not doing everything they should. They can take it little by little if that's all they feel able to do but it will at least promote some hope and a feeling that it's always worth it to do any little things more!

Nora said...

Surah 6:160 - “Whoever shall come [before God] with a good deed will gain ten times the like thereof; but whoever shall come with an evil deed will be requited with no more than the like thereof; and none shall be wronged.” So if not praying one of the 5x prayers is one sin, that does not wipe out our good deeds. Unless each movement missed is counted as one sin, but that wouldn't mean our good deeds are pointless either. Every good thing we do has potential to effect other people, and the reverse. Sooo...if we do not do the good deeds we are hurting other people, so as many good deeds as we can do will help the world. Telling us those good deeds don't count may lead to people giving up and doing more bad. If people pay too much attention to that fatwa then the whole world is harmed. Probably not the website's intention, but what evil can follow their conclusion?

Not a scholar, I could be wrong and I insh'Allah I am not leading anyone to believe something wrong.

Take a step to Him and he takes many more towards you, right? So do all the good deeds you can and try to get all your prayers in!

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