Friday, August 19, 2011

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

I don't know if I am. I took this test and got 16. Above 14, you are considered a highly sensitive person, although of course it's not a 100% reliable tool. I wrote a comment on Safiyah's Musings and it won't publish so I will post it here. I'm in the mood for that comment to get published! lol

I don't consider myself highly sensitive but my test result was that I am. I think it's partly the pregnancy hormones though because it's true that I am a lot more emotionally sensitive while pregnant than my normal.

Parts of the normal non-hormonal me that are sensitive though are that I am very aware of the needs of others or their feelings. BUT I can pretty easily decide to not let it affect me which is something that makes me not very sensitive. I'm also very jumpy at sounds or people who surprise me, even though I'm a person who is aware of her surroundings. So it's not that I didn't know the person was around the corner... It's just my system that jumps anyway even if I expected it. Happens all the time while I sleep and my husband enters the bedroom too and he gets mad at me - but I can't help it!

I suppose I'm maybe a highly sensitive person who is generally able to deal with it well. Won't get myself down because of what someone else is going through, can deal with with being very stimulted (noise, people, etc.) even if I don't like it. I deal well with violent movies or scenes if I see them but I don't like it. I can tune out my feelings when my daughter is hurting and focus on cleaning up the wound for example instead of feeling bad that she has pain...

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Becky said...

I'm definitely a very sensitive person, and has known so for years (I score 24!). I bought and read her books 3-4 years ago, and they really helped me a lot, and these days I handle stresses pretty well - because I know what I need.

I know that when I've been around people (especially in noisy and chaotic situations) for a while, I need time to be on my own, get a bit of quiet and peace.

So like you said, I'm a sensitive person, but I'm getting pretty good at dealing with it.

Safiyah said...

Hi Candice :)

I checked my comments again plus the spam, and I'm afraid I didn't get your comment :s If I had, I would have published it for sure. I'm really sorry, but I don't know what went wrong :s

I read in the book I mentioned in my post that there are also people who are moderately sensitive. It also said that highly sensitive persons who had to deal with a lot of stimulation in their youth (for example growing up in a big family) are more used to it and can tune it out. So it doesn't mean that because you can tune it out, you're not highly sensitive :) My advice would be to read the book, and I think that then you will know if it's you or not. I did, in any case :)

Sorry again about the comment!

Candice said...

Becky: I ended up thinking about it some more this afternoon and asked my husband and he definitely doesn't think I'm highly sensitive (with him). haha. I think it's true that towards him, I've been insensitive in the past (was too busy being sensitive about myself and Nora and what I was going through)! He admits that I'm not the same way anymore - especially pregnant.

Safiyah: I didn't mean it to come off like you hadn't published it! What I should've said was that blogger wasn't allowing me to post. It keeps telling me I'm not invited to read your blog after I press to send a comment - as though I haven't just been reading it 2 seconds ago! It has been doing this on other blogs, I'm actually getting quite discouraged about commenting on any blogs because more than half the time it doesn't work!

I will try to read this book and learn more about this. I might fall in the moderately sensitive category when my hormones are more stable. Right now though it's all more heightened which I guess is making me more interested in highly sensitive people. Sorry for making you check your comments and spam for nothing!

By the way, really weird but your comment fell in my spam section. I've never had a good comment go to spam, it's kind of weird! Maybe because you used the word "spam"? lol

HijabRockers said...

I scored 12. Can I consider myself as moderately sensitive too? Or i'm just a plain insensitive person? hehe

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