Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bringing out the best in each other

I came home Friday night after going to watch quarterfinals of the Roger's Cup (tennis) in Montreal with my dad. We had a really nice time and stopped for McDonald's take away since we hadn't had a chance to have a real supper. It was like 11:30pm which is really late for me, especially after a really exhausting week (with full time work Monday to Friday and trying to make the meals and clean up and taking care of Nora - not saying I manage it all but I try)

When I got home, I had a box of crackers, the box with the sandwich and the coke I took for my husband, along with two bags... At the door, I DROPPED the drink and lost all but two sips of it. RAAAAAWWWWRRR! I started throwing the f-bomb and yelling, blaming my husband for not opening the door for me, then I saw he hadn't done the dishes like he was supposed to - RAAWR! Everything was making me mad. Kinda funny thinking about it now.

Just a year ago or less, in situations like these, my husband would have gotten mad at me and we would just have fueled each other's anger but this time, he just calmed me right down. Said sorry for not doing things around the house he was supposed to. Said he felt a bit weak and tired (which is understandable after a 12h shift and fasting - I hadn't expected or demanded he do anything but he'd offered that morning so after that I was expecting it). And he told me he was just fine without the coke and offered to get me something because the idiots at McDonald's had forgotten my fries.

I was really proud of him for not getting all angry like he normally would. Actually, he has been very good about this for a while now and it is improving our lives at home a lot. I think I am able to do the same for him when he is feeling down or in a bad mood.

It's like we are finally in an adult relationship. Yay! I'm almost congratulating me and my husband for managing that. lol

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Mona Z said...

I get like that sometimes, when everything is going wrong, I'll let out a UUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHH, E usually tells me "easy" That usually annooys me more. Lol.

Banana Anne said...

Masha'Allah, this really made me happy to hear. As long as it's a two-way street, Insha'Allah your relationship will continue to improve even more.

Elisa said...

Awwwwww masha'allah! I am so happy to read this :) May Allah bless you both with a long, happy life together. Ameen.

jana z. said...

awwwwwwwwwwww HUGS to you AND your hubby. that made me smile AND feel good for both of you. i was laughing at you getting pissed and mad and only two sips left and the dishes and and and...i know how you feel lol.


Aasiyah said...

This was so fun to read. :) I mean, it's so sweet. I wish my future husband and I would also be emotionally ready like you are. :) inshaaAllah.

Candice said...

Mona: Lol, I have lots of reactions like that that make me more annoyed or that I do that annoy my husband more. lol

Anne, Elisa, Jana: Thanks guys :)

Aasiyah: Been married for 5.5 years so it takes time! lol

Aasiyah said...

oh. mashaaAllah! :) 5.5 years.
may you have many many more.

tell me, how's married life like? im so curious about it.

Candice said...

Married life is hard! lol. I think any couple goes through up and downs and and that has definitely been the case in my marriage. I love the stability though. When I see single friends having such a hard time finding someone decent and getting screwed over by guy after guy it really makes me thankful for this stable relationship. Keeps me grounded and able to focus on other things.

I can understand how marriage is half our deen though. It can either make you a better Muslim or bring you down to a worse Muslim than you'd ever have been alone. The person you marry has a ginormous impact on what you become!

Becky said...

Awwww this made me so happy for you both! I hope you'll have many more times like this, and continue to grow together, God willing.

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