Sunday, July 17, 2011

The zoo

We went to the zoo yesterday and had a great time! It was me, Nora and two friends. We didn't see half the animals by the time the day ended though but we figure we saw the most interesting of them in the African section like the elephants, giraffes, gorillas and hippos. Nora also had a great time in the mini-farm touching and running after the goats and sheep. She even got to pet some pigs taking a nap but don't tell her dad!

There's a rides park that was fun and a water park that was very refreshing.

I saw a niqabi at the zoo! Only ever saw one other niqabi in real life here in Canada and never in my small city. But actually, about a third of women visiting the zoo were hijabis (and probably a third of people overall were Muslim) because of how much of a tourist destination this zoo is. I kind of found it sucked that me and Nora couldn't be identified at all as Muslim, and this is from me with my recent identity crisis!

With my tanned (but still white) friend and my South American friend, Nora looked like she might be their daughter more than mine because of her skin (especially since she came back from Egypt with a tan). LOL. I was reflecting the heck out of the sun!! My freckles got darker though.

Anyway, great time at the zoo, woohoo. I was walking around without any problems even with the pregnancy and managed to run after Nora and not cause myself any pain!

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Susanne said...

I'm glad you had a good time! Your mentioning of the pigs reminded me: my Syrian friend said he saw a pig for the first time ever recently. And he's 26! Ha! He's living in Germany and saw some pigs on the back of a truck.

Cute that you saw so many Muslims there. I forget why you can't identify as it just a choice you've made so far not to wear a head scarf? Maybe going to the zoo will be the thing that makes you desire to wear it! :)

Sounds like a fun time! Glad you have your Noonie back! :)

pinkgingerale said...

aww that sounds great! The zoo closest to me, in D.C. was built on a hill. So whenever we visit, we always leave with great calves :) haha
I love seeing fellow hijabis on outings when it's hot out. It makes me feel like I'm not the only person being asked, "Are you hot? Oh you must be!" multiple times by friends. It's like a mutual understanding. Love itt!
The zoo is so much fun when it isn't really hot and humid though, as long as the animals are active, you're sure to enjoy your visit.

Nikki said...

I'm not (currently) having any Muslim identity crises but I totally understand that feeling of wanting to be recognized. I don't wear hijab when with my parents and whenever we're surrounded by Muslims I always feel incomplete. Not naked,really, because I don't really see showing one's hair as's a difficult feeling but very pronounced for me! We were at six flags and everyone was either wearing tiny shorts and tank tops or full on hijab. I was in between in my pants and 3/4 sleeve shirt and I longed to look like the hijabis rather than the girls in tank tops. I think that's a positive step for me, lol, because that's how I always dressed in the past and to have a stronger desire for hijab than comfort in the heat must mean something positive, right? lol, anyway, I'm so glad Nora is back and that you had a good time. And my son looks nothing like me, either, if it's any consolation. :)

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