Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unrealistic Expectations

Whole thing taken from Sara's blog "Neo-colonialism and its Discontents" and the source for this, written by an American named Maggie Sager is here.
We expect Palestinians to not throw stones at the IDF jeeps who come to teargas their protestations against the illegal confiscation of their entire villages while we wouldn’t bat an eyelash at a man who shot a robber attempting to take his television set;

We expect them to not elect representatives that reflect their religious sentiments though no one is surprised when the Christian Right attempts to influence our political system and we ally ourselves with the likes of Saudi Arabia;

and we expect Palestinian society to wholly unshackle itself from the bonds of misogyny, racism and bigotry before we acknowledge their entitlement to basic human rights, despite our own shortcomings, including the reality that the realization of LGBT equality within the United States itself is relatively new and still imperfect.

In all of the struggles for liberation many Americans support, including civil rights for African Americans, we have never required such a high standard of “goodness” before acknowledging a group’s basic humanity.


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Inspirational Quotes said...

I really agree with all the points made here. The treatment of the Palestinians has been so derogatory and without empathy, its just horrible. You barely hear anything on the news about the loss of life in Palestine etc. Thanks for sharing this.

Candice said...

I agree it's terrible. It seems sometimes like no one gets it.

You should thank Maggie Sager for writing this and Sara for posting it up on her own blog or I wouldn't have seen it.

Becky said...

Yeah I read this on Sara's blog too and found it really thought-provoking... I also think I read the original article and maybe posted it on one of my Link Loves... if not I should've...

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