Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I just found out about this man through a UU email subscription... I had to look further into it and found it very interesting. He was a big part of the transcendentalist movement and was a Unitarian and somehow considered part of UU too.

It was most interesting for me because my grand-father's name was Waldo Ralph. I asked my dad if it might be possible that his father was named after this man and I was told that yes, he was! In this Catholic province! I need to find out more! I hope there is more that someone knows about my great-grand-parents and their beliefs and inspirations but that might have died with them and the people they knew. My grand-father was 50 when my dad was born and 60 when my uncle was born which is as old as some grand-parents (like Nora's!). So his parents... I don't know how long my dad and uncle knew them for.

Isn't it interesting to find out these things? Maybe it's because it was so very traditionally Catholic until not so long ago here that me imagining my own family being open-minded like that in the 1800's and in 1901 (when my grand-father was born) is very exciting.

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Becky said...

Wow, that's really fascinating! Let us know if you find out some more information.

Amber said...

Have you read any of his poetry? They're really lovely. I remember growing up my grandparents and this huge old illustrated copy of his works and the cover was green and a little rough to the touch...kind of nubbly, you know? *lol* I'm going to have to go look for that book now!

Candice said...

I haven't read any Amber! I just heard about him for the first time yesterday and am trying to look into it more but with work and all, I read a paragraph here and there between calls!

My dad told me he'd tell me the story behind the name and of his grand-parents. I'm so looking forward to that! :D

Susanne said...

Maybe your ancestors just liked his poems? I have an ancestor named Edgar Allan so maybe people back then just liked naming their children after popular writers since they didn't have movie stars and sports figures around so much! :D But do let us know if you have a UU admirer in your cool! :)

Candice said...

Yes, they were fans of his poetry! Might not have had much to do with the transcendentalist movement but I find it cool either way!

slehorton said...

I have a Ralph Waldo as well in my mother's line.. Not certain if it's the poet himself or just a fan. Perhaps I'll have to get out some old records and try to find it out.

I love digging around in the family history to find out these facts! It's so much fun.

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