Monday, July 4, 2011

I miss my family

In 6 days they will be back!!

Me and my husband had some really great talks in the past few days. On Saturday I got to see him and Nora for about 6 hours total (some of that with my husband alone though)! It's almost like spending the day with them! :D

The two last times my husband arrived to Canada (first time after 1 year apart, second time after the last vacation in Egypt), I didn't really feel excited about seeing him. The first time, we hadn't seen each other in one year and since then, I'd had Nora in Canada alone, etc. It was tough and I was missing him a lot, but the way things were going with him and his problems dealing with stress, I was close to just telling him to stay in Egypt and screw it! I understand now how he just wasn't able to communicate how it made him feel to be leaving his family permanently and how his mother was being so emotional for a while before he left and how that was affecting him too. Anyway, the last thing he managed to say to me before getting on the plane was 'Fuck you' and I just wanted to kill him!

Second time when he came back with Nora... Well, he had missed the original flight and thus extended their vacation an extra week. I just went straight for Nora when they arrived and I was still really mad at him!

This time, if he doesn't miss his flight, I think I will totally jump in his arms and kiss him. I'm excited and happy that I miss my husband too this time. :)

4 Comentários:

Becky said...

Awwwww that's wonderful! God willing he won't miss their flights and you'll be together again soon :)

Candice said...

Sunday evening, insha'Allah they will be back! :D

wantowearhijab said...

My husband leaves tonight for morocco. He will be back on Sept 11, inshAllah. I am sure I will go stir crazy!

Candice said...

For 2 months?! That's crazy-long! Of course you will probably miss him like crazy but stay busy and take advantage of the summer season and what it offers. Good luck!

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