Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Husband's Birthday

I think I did the same post last year... I still just don't know!

At first I thought I'd buy him a gadget of some kind maybe from thinkgeek.com. Lots of cool stuff on there. But it's hard for me to know the line between what he thinks is cool and what he thinks is a waste of money and it would be a terrible gift to buy him something he thinks is a waste of money.

What he wants is to go to Niagara Falls but seriously, I am not up for a 8-10h trip (16-20h with coming back) over a weekend! I probably wouldn't even be up for it if we spent a whole week there, I hate long car rides. And pregnant, and with a 4 year old! And with a baby coming and needing to save some money... It's just not something I'm willing to give him.

So far, we will go see Harry Potter on Saturday night with some of his work friends. Sunday morning (his birthday) I will wake him up with pancakes and fresh fruit for breakfast and I will make fattah for his birthday supper (even though it's just not appetizing to me, so much FAT, ekh!).

I'm missing an actual gift... Any ideas?

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Jennifer said...


Candice said...

Nice idea but he doesn't wear them. Just uses his phone for time and isn't into decoration.

Parveen said...

You can maybe get some books for him or a gift card for some books. I have watched Harry potter, it was really good!

NeverEver said...

new phone?

Candice said...

Parveen: He doesn't really read books... Except Arabic Mickey magazine and those loser-sounding Fantasia novels. Kids stuff basically.

NeverEver: That would be a great idea except that he is not the type to wait before getting himself the newest phone. He already has it!

jana z. said...

ok so what did you end up getting? anything yet? he sounds like my hubby, never waiting to get what he wants so you cant ever buy anything cause he already got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candice said...

Jana: Nothing yet... I will try to be nice with him and give him a fun day of whatever he wants and maybe play WoW with him for an hour or so. That should do the trick along with the meal.

jana z. said...

erm, im nearly afraid to ask what WOW is loool. thats not what got you into the state youre in now is it?? wink wink

Candice said...

OMG Jana you're the funniest! WoW is actually his dumbass game World of Warcraft but I can see how someone lucky enough not to know that would imagine what you're imagining ;)

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