Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Diversity in Islam

I know it's something a lot Muslims wish didn't exist... I mean, beyond speaking different languages... Muslims want Islam to be pure. I can understand that to a certain extent.

But as my beliefs evolve, I realize that I don't believe there is one narrow true path that is Islam, so for me to see Muslims believing in different things and interpreting our religion in different ways from one another makes me feel... good. Like things are as they should be. The thing that makes me feel upset is the hate that exists sometimes towards people who believe in Islam differently.

Why is it so hard for some Muslims to focus on what they have in common with their fellow Muslims instead of what separates them?! Wouldn't we all be more united if we could open our minds? And isn't one of the most important things about Islam unity? It's so frustrating for me to see this because it seems so obvious to me that we need to work hard to unite while people who are supposed to be super observant practicing pious Muslims are pushing us all apart. Personally I want to unite with all of humanity no matter what religion, but as Muslims at the very least they should want to unite with other Muslims no?

Someone posted a link somewhere about the new TLC reality show about American Muslims... What I read in the description is that one of the Muslim(ah)s on the show is tattooed, pierced and married to a Catholic. I read about the show and thought it seemed pretty nice - something that will show that Muslims go through the same types of things others do. Muslims being normal people. It wasn't going to be a guide on Islam, just a show about people who are Muslim!

One person commented that it was so bad to show a "Muslim" (right there trying to show she doesn't approve of this person calling herself Muslim by putting it in quotes), that it was bad for the Ummah and that people are dirtying Islam (I imagine she had this woman in mind).

It's really frustrating. Even if this isn't directly linked to my previous post, I will use this:

YES to diversity!!!

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pinkgingerale said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE. I hate having to censor myself around certain people because they have such a strict outline of what Islam is. I'm REALLY excited for TLC's new show, I'm already a huge fan of the network.

jana z. said...

and i agree even more! i refuse to censor myself to gain the approval of a handful of muslims with sticks up their arse. that is why i deleted several of my "friends" on fb. they got on my nerves bottom line. takes all sorts of ppl to make the world go round.


Ʋƨɐɠɪ ❤ said...

Candice all your posts are amazing! I agree 100%. I'm so tired of Muslims hating on each other. We should unite over our similarities. People in general should just love one another.

Candice said...

Jana: Yes, I have deleted a few Muslims here and there from my Facebook because of this. It ended up being too much of a wait to see what outrageous and closed-minded thing they say next that I can try to reply to, and it was frustrating... but somehow the drama attracted me too which I made me uncomfortable. So they're GONE!

Usegi: LOVE each other, yes! :D

amatullah76 said...

The TLC show is troubling in a way completely unrelated to the way the Muslims portrayed choose to practice (I think it would be great if they showed a variety of interpretations).
The biggest issue I see is that the show was filmed here in Dearborn, MI, where most residents are Lebanese or Iraqi. From what I understand, four of the five families are prominent local Lebanese families, well-off and involved in local politics, while the fifth family are Iraqis, equally locally prominent. The first issue is one of class (two of the women featured are acquaintances of mine and their primary interests are shopping and competing to see who can collect the most designer labels). Working class and poor Muslims are to be made invisible so far as this series is concerned.
The second issue, the larger one, to my mind, is that all the families featured are Arab/Arab-American. Southeast Michigan is home to large South Asian, Bosnian, and African-American Muslim populations, yet they are ignored in favor of featuring Arabs, thus cementing in the popular imagination the idea that Arab=Muslim. This TLC show has little to do with Muslims in America, being primarily about Arabs in America. It does not address the ethnic diversity of American Muslims, nor allow for a multiplicity of experiences to be examined. It simply promotes the same tired old process of Arabization as has been going on for years.

Candice said...

Amatullah76: I didn't know about this aspect of the controversy. I only read a short description. It's true that most people are not very aware of non-Arabs being Muslims, except for American, Canadian, English, etc converts. It's a shame someone can't put the spotlight on Muslims from other countries - it always goes back to Arabs.

LK said...

I think people forget its a television show. Its half truth, half TV. Not every housewife in Jersey acts like the real house wives, not every co-ed treats their roommates like the Real World, and not every polygamist is like Sister Wives. They will show what people want to see, they aren't really concerned with portraying Muslims in America. If they were, they'd do a documentary, not a TV show. These people just happen to be Muslim, and that seems to be where the Muslim part stops as far as TLC is concerned. Its being used as a gymic to get people to watch yet another show about hoousewives, brooding teens, and an ethnicity that we are fascinated by as Americans. I'd much rather they do a documentary but it still could be interesting to watch.

Candice said...

I think most people understand that it's a TV show. Hopefully we can get something out of it!

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