Friday, July 15, 2011

Can someone answer this for me

I am still really not sure about the issue of sex with slaves in Islam. What the f--- is up with that exactly? Based on what I read, I don't believe Islam supported slavery though it didn't flat-out ban it. Islam made beginner's steps towards abolishing slavery at least, so I can deal with that, but to allow sex with slaves?! I have a lot of trouble dealing with that.

Anyone have explanations for me? Explanations based on Quran over hadith would be great. I have put this issue to the side for too long and now, in the middle of dealing with religion and beliefs, I can't put it aside.


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zeina said...

From my understanding of it is that the ruling based on having sex with slaves is not arbitrary. But that, just like you need a legal status (in order for a woman to receive a dowry, she needs to be able to own something, that which a slave cannot do). Considering that the slave would already be legally owned by the husband/wife, therefore could not give/receive dowry. And I think there is another condition of nikah that can't be fulfilled (after all, nikah is but a legal matrimony of two people, so if it didn't suffice for certain people with certain conditions, namely the slaves, God gave them another way of doing it) And no, that 'way' is not just having sex with them.
The term what your right hand possesses has been vulgarly (in my opinion) translated to sex slaves. This is not the case. They would have to give them clothing, give them food, give them a house, if they believed they become free, if they have a child they become free, if they earn enough money/the husband makes enough money to free the slave, they become free. And the list goes on and the list is long. She's his wife. The only difference between her and other wives is that she's a slave. It doesn't relieve him from any of his other obligations/responsibilities.

Becky said...

I don't know if you read Nahida's blog, but she had a very interesting post up on slavery a few weeks back:

One of the verses from the Qur'an, which she quoted, is the following:

And if any of your slaves ask for emancipation, give them such if you know any good in them: and give them the wealth of God that God has given you! And force not your female captives to prostitution for they desire chastity only to gain the fleeting pleasures of worldly life. (Qur'an 24:33) (my emphasis)

I think this shows clearly, that God is against slavery, and that slavery is clearly discouraged. Furthermore, God allows men to have sexual relations with their female slaves, yes, but as far as I read the above verse, only if they agree to it, if they do not want it, he must respect that.

Why would a woman want to have sex with her owner? Well, if she bore him a child (I don't remember if it has to be a son), she'd be freed automatically, so that might be one reason. (Possibly) better treatment might be another.

Candice said...

Thanks for your explanations girls. It helps me understand it in a different way. I feel a bit better about it.

CHII❤QU said...

Thank you for this post Candice! While reading the Qu'ran again I've come to these verses and felt a little confused. I kinda pushed them under the rug a figured they were just something that happened before our times now.

Now I understand thanks to these replies : )

chemist said...

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