Friday, June 3, 2011

Muslim or not?!

I have been asking myself this question a lot in the past couple weeks. Before that, I had been in a religionless state for a long time so it hadn't come up.

What has not changed is that my beliefs are not 100% compatible with traditional or othodox Islam and that many who hold a traditional view of Islam might not consider what I believe in to be enough to make me Muslim. But that didn't stop me from becoming Muslim before so it shouldn't make me stop being Muslim now. Who really cares if others consider me Muslim as long as I do? Have my beliefs really changed since I converted almost 2 years ago?

I think I need to do a sort of checklist of things I believe that are Islam and things I believe that conflict in some way. To come in another post...

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Elisa said...

The checklist idea is great! I might even do that. I do consider myself to be Muslim, but there are quite a few things I'm still not 100% sure about. I know when I read the Qur'an I agree with everything it says, but my doubts come from hadiths and culture (sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between Islam and just culture, you know?)
In my opinion, any one is a Muslim (whether they know it or not) if they believe in the one true God with no partners and they live a life they believe would be pleasing to him.
Anyway, I wish you the best no matter what you ultimately decide. God bless you, dear <3

Anonymous said...

We spend our lives defending ourselves. To others I am Muslim until they find out what "kind" of Muslim I am. Then they realize that I am not "Muslim" anymore... pah...

I finally came to the realization: I am not Muslim for anyone else. In fact, I am only "Muslim" because that is what others want to classify me as, or I classify myself so that people know where I am coming from spiritually. I am a human who believes in a God that has put forth certain rules/moral obligations for me to follow. I try (key word TRY) to follow in the what I consider the best way.

And then: I distance myself from those who judge, decry, attack and slander. I have to focus on my spiritual practice, not defending it from others. In the end, we all stand before God alone; no one to blame but ourselves.

LK said...

Checklists are helpful. I did that when I was considering conversion. It really helps to put your beliefs and the religion's beliefs into perspective.

Good luck!

truth said...

I being a born Muslim, I totally with Quran and hadees compilations which never contradict with Quranic verses… I avoid to argue with fellow Muslims or deny most of the unscientific a’hdeeth quotations only because arguments never reaches a final decision..If I keep thinking about my differences with some brothers or sisters of Islam, my faith may start weakening and finally reject the faith in whole. So without feeding any negative thoughts and refusing their thoughts on their face, I just believe what I believe and rest I trust in god. This helps “my belief and thoughts” not to roam here and there (one religion to another) like a stray dog and burn myself in negative thinking’s which may lead me to reject Islam as a whole.
More over many verses in Quran are the essence and continuation of all other previous religious books where Islam says 1,24000+messengers has been sent by god before prophet Muhammad (s a s). Islam also asks us to believe in their holy books if the followers of those great religions really propagates oneness of god and other righteous deeds.
If you believe in Islam whole heartedly, means you need not to believe in any ideology or religious teachings because all other religious books teaches to believe in one god and righteous deeds..
You can stick to Islam because most or all of the holy books revealed by god before Quran are vastly corrupted. But as mentioned above, Islam is the continuation and final revelations and essence of truth and justice mentioned in all other religions prevailed long before prophet Muhammad.
I too have some minor differences with my fellow Muslims, such as jinns, shaitans, right hand eating, drinking, how to enter bath room etc..These things are minor thing to argue with fundamentalists. This difference never interfered or weakened my faith only because some orthodox Muslims insist me to believe what they believe in the deen…
I think existence of jinns and shaytans are metaphorical as they are mentioned as invisible creatures. all jinns and shaitans are evil act of peoples that becomes visible when their cruel acts appears by their occurrence’s …. Also, I don’t refuse or argue with fellow Muslims if they have different view or opinion on jinn’s and shaitans. This helps me to be serene and less tense in all my religious activities.
When other Muslims questions about my belief, I just listen to them without getting agry but ignore them and do what allah says in quran and authentic hadeeth.
I have deliberately mentioned above only to know YOU converted Muslims that, when born or other Muslims argue with certain minor things we need not to deny or oppose them or reject our own faith only because their assumptions differentiates with our belief.
So you need not to think other religions when you believe in one god and in his righteous teachings.

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