Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm finding Islam again - a little bit

I think I just want to belong to a religion where I agree with most of the people who practice that religion. I know Islam is not like that with me, but I knew that when I converted too... And over time, I focused less on the reasons I loved Islam and converted to Islam and more on the things I didn't have in common with other Muslims... It's hard to keep the focus.

But I have regained some of that focus. SOME, not all. And I will keep working at that to see if everything I believed in and felt when I became Muslim still applies. It might be yes, it might be no, I haven't gotten right down to the bottom of that yet but I will with time.

I'm finding a sense of peace in rediscovering Islam though which is a good sign. All I want is to have a sane spiritual path and live my life that way.

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Naz said...

May Allah (SWT) keep you in the right path. Ameen.

LK said...

You do know you can totally be Muslim but go to UU things if you are more comfortable with their mindset. Lots of people attend UU services that identify themselves as part of a more traditional religion such as christianity or Islam. But they don't agree with a lot of the practices but still want a community to be with. Its worth a shot. Glad its going better tho.

Becky said...

I think sometimes the best thing is to forget the labels and follow the path of joy, peace and serenity.

Candice said...

LK: Yes, I realize there is no real contradition, not from the UU point of view anyway. From the Muslim point of view most Muslims would say it's not possible... But I already know I don't believe the same things as most Muslims!

Becky: Good tip! I don't especially like labels except for the sense of belonging and community that comes along with it, something that I don't feel at all even if I apply the "Muslim" label to myself. But this label is mostly for family reasons. My hsband is Muslim, my daughter will be raised Muslim and this makes things a bit better and easier. Other than that, I would probably step away from it and just appreciate what I appreciate about Islam without wanting or needing to call myself Muslim. It gets complicated when husband and children are involved!

The Odd Muslimah said...

Don't think you have to be like most Muslims to be a good Muslim. No Muslim nowadays practices their religion entirely the way they are supposed to -- most just do what they can/want and try to get on with life. The only example of a 'good' Muslim that we can rely on is that of Nabi (SAW).

Focus on yourself, your own connection with God and anything that supports it. Block everything else out to the best of your capability.

Remember, guidance comes from God alone. We just need to be open to it and have patience and perseverance until it arrives.

Umair said...

I will not give you some advice but rather I would say that such confusions and doubts are the journey of your eternal life and that means you will soon discover the truth and you will find the eternal peace. Keep in mind that the it is usually journey in which we learn new things and makes us excited about the destination so don't loose your heart and always listen to your self and believe in which you want to believe. Moreover do not judge a faith by the people who are practicing it always judge it by reading it scriptures. I know my comment looks like a lecture but believe me its not,it is just my humble opinion :)

Candice said...

Umair: I appreciate your comment. You are right that it's a journey and really, the destination is... kind of unknown. We follow a path our whole entire lives which proves that ALL of it is a journey, even when a person feels found and stable in their spirituality.

I'm thankful for each part step of my journey and the things I have learned that make me who I am :)

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