Monday, June 6, 2011

Email to UU reverend

Here is what I asked the UU reverend last week and her reply.



I've been (and I guess will always be) on a sort of spiritual journey trying to find and better myself little by little and came across this religion through some online acquaintances. So much speaks to me and it made me curious to explore it further. I've been thinking of attending a service for many months and never really got around to actually going. I'm considering attending again but have some insecurities I guess about entering a place I don't know. I'd love to learn more about your congregation...

I'm not sure what I'm asking. Maybe just general information for someone who might want to attend a service for the first time. I have a 4 year old daughter too who like any 4 year old has a difficult time staying still and quiet for a long time and even more if the service is in English since she mostly only knows French... Would she bother?

Thank you so much for reading my email.



Hello Candice,

so good to hear from you.
Your interest in UU is welcome, and we'd love to have you
come visit on a Sunday morning. I totally understand that you would have many questions. Visiting a church for the first time takes some courage. Just know that we are a welcoming and joyful community, and you and your daughter will be warmly received.

We have a children's programme every Sunday, with creative and inspiring activities
planned that deepen the teachings of world religions, justice-making, human values and ethics. Our Children's Religious Exploration Coordinator, Lindsay-Jane, is on sabbatical till end of summer. However, members and parents are taking turns over the summer to lead the progamme with some exciting lessons and activities - most recently bread baking and nature walks.
Children are usually in the service with their parents for the beginning 15-20 minutes, which includes opening readings and rituals in both languages, singing, candles of joy and sorrow, and a story for all ages.
We then sing the children out to their program, and their teacher leaves with them.
Downstairs in the Children's Space, they have their own ritual opening which includes sharing their joys and sorrows. Your daughter would be most welcome, and would probably find herself at home, since most of the children and the Coordinator are fully bilingual.
Would you like to come for a chat over a cup of tea before you visit?
I hold office hours most every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2:30 - 4:30 or 5pm.
You could call me at the office # *** *** **** and make an appointment.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Reverend Carole

I'm really happy with her response. I really feel like it is a welcoming place! I wanted to go this Sunday (yesterday) but hadn't gotten a response so I decided to wait. Maybe next week will be the week or else when Nora and Ahmed are gone. I definitely plan on checking it out soon. :)

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Anisah said...

How large is the congregation there? Mine is very small, about 30 "official" on the books members, but others some regularly. I went for 2 years before I signed the membership book. Me, scared of commitment? nah lol.

Would hubby be upset if you took your daughter there? Mine is small but does fun activities with the kids. Last week they made birdhouses.

Maybe go by yourself when she is gone first, then see how it goes. Kids can be antsy before we sing them to their class, but they get used to it. You can take crayons or something to keep her busy, it's not like she has to sit at attention and be absolutely still or anything. Or even wear a dress ;). Unitarians are very casual.

Let us know how it goes. The minister sounds great. We had a woman minister, but she just finished seminary and had to leave :(

Feel free to email me and let me know how it goes and we can share first UU experiences.



Becky said...

That's a great response and the congregation sounds amazing. Good luck!

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