Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A few things I want to teach Nora - off the top of my head

This is based on situations I've had in the past while.

1) Women can have any job they want even in a male-dominated field, same thing for men in female-dominated fields.

She has a tendancy to talk about things that are broken or being built by saying they will be fixed/built by "des monsieurs" literally "sir's/misters" or generally "men". So I have had to explain to her that even if we often see men working on construction sites or fixing things, that women could do it too! It hasn't really come up to talk to her about men doing a female job but being an educator at the garderie would be a good one I can speak to her about since men there only come in to fix stuff!

2) Even if "it's your's" or "you had it first", you should still share or give up your turn or privilege for another.

I wouldn't push her but I nudger her and encourage her towards generosity when possible. Forcing her would be injustice and so not something I would do.

3) Two men or two women can be a family together. It's different than the norm, but that doesn't make it wrong or any reason to judge or ridicule.

This has only come up once and she was not phased by the images, but I still took the opportunity to tell her it's OK, just different than us with our mommy, daddy, child family.

4) That she is lucky to have everything she has. To be grateful.

I will tell her this when she gets gifts or a person is thoughtful towards her. Also have tried to make her see the positive in a bad situation in a very child way. Being lucky that her booboo was not bigger or bleeding when she scratched herself and lucky that it will heal very soon.

5) Being open to people of different skin colour, culture, religion, language.

This has not been hard - afterall her mom and dad have different skin colour and different languages from each other. I have gotten her dolls of different hair and skin colour and gotten her dolls dressed in ethnic clothing. I allow her to dress as she wishes when she goes out for the most part and don't worry her about if it looks good, it matches, etc. She wears dress-up clothes out and tiaras too when we shop if she wants. Basically, I want her to be able to be open to others as they are, as well as herself as she really is instead of feeling forced to conform or finding others who don't conform weird. These things all tie in a little with being open-minded to other beliefs and styles.

This was just a little taste of things I think about as a parent to a 4 year old. New challenges and opportunities to teach to come!! I can only hope to deal with them well so that my daughter grows up a kind, compassionate, open-minded, loving person. :)

4 Comentários:

Susanne said...

Great list and I'm sure she will be fine with a mother like you! You are a good role model!

Becky said...

Yeah I think this is a great list too, and I'm sure you do a wonderful job with her.

Do you speak French at home?

Candice said...

Thanks you guys!
Becky: Yes we speak French at home. My husband and I speak English together but French to her. I'm trying to get him to switch to English so she can start learning because her skills are not good in English. So far no luck even if he's not very good in French... I will probably have to do it all myself!

Becky said...

Ah, I'm trying to learn French right now, well, re-learn, I spoke it somewhat when I took it in high-school, but I've forgotten most of it.

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