Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Names!

Here are my top names to go with sibling Nora Claire. I need you guys to give me your favourite names and favourite spellings (for those with a choice).

Sofia (صفيّة ) - Not interested in Saffiyah


For middle names, it will most likely be Muhammad or Ahmed for a boy. I will let my husband chose what name he wants.

For girls, I have some ideas. Since Claire is my mom's name, we will chose from my husband's side of the family. I don't like Mervat or Nariman, my MIL's names, but I love Hayat, my husband's grand-mother's name. They were close too which makes it more special for him. I simply love the name and meaning. I feel bad that I'm not interested in giving the child my MIL's name when my mom was honoured in this way, but the culture is different and they don't use middle names anyway.

I am thinking of giving this child 2 middle names if it's a girl. It's not conventional and Nora doesn't have two, but they are not used as much here so no one would really notice, and the name I want to add really makes the difference for me.

Middle name idea: Sage Hayat

What do you think?

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hijabi said...

I love the name Hidayah for a girl. (love the meaning)Hayaat is also very beautiful.
I love Adam! Instead of Zane I would choose Zayn.

Candice said...

Hidayah is pretty but H's don't work well in French so I wouldn't be able to even think twice about this name. What does it mean?

Thanks for your suggestion and reply!

Amalia said...

My favourites from your list are Sofia and Maya. I think they both sound nice with the middle names and make a lovely sister for Nora. Sofia is one of my favourites too but my MIL put up a fuss because it's not Arabic :(

Out of the boys I love Adam, Zane, Yassin and Ilyas. I personally prefer the Zein spelling for Zane.

One of my friends just had a baby boy and named him Ilyas John and I loved it because we don't hear Ilyas as much over here whereas Yassin is very common.

Good luck deciding! I'm already dreaming of a brother or sister to Nora and thinking of names too :)

Rumaisha' said...

I like Iman and Elias

Naz said...

I like Sofia, Iman & Ilias.

lala said...

Lana and sumaya for girls, zain (imam zain ul abedeen) for males... Nice names masAllah!! Nora is also very pretty :)

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