Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Skin Care

I have always sucked at skincare. I have trouble having a routine and sticking to it long-term. The best I was with this was when I had bad acne as a teenager and nothing worked until I went on accutane, which sort of reinforced my laziness about taking care of my skin since it was a pill to take and that alone changed my skin drastically!

Now that I'm pregannt, I'm finding my skin very very sensitive, and in the past week has been looking TERRIBLE! Patches of red on about 50% of my face, being so dry and flakey, and reacting to any product I tried!

Yesterday I went out to get some advice on what to use and was given samples of La Roche Posay creams. One for major rehydration, one for all-day hydration and one for helping ease irritations. The major rehydrating one is the Nutritic 5% and I put it on twice yesterday and can feel SO MUCH DIFFERENCE in my skin! It's not sandish anymore, just regular dry and kind of smooth! I think just a few days of putting this stuff will work wonders on my skin - I'm seriously impressed! It didn't make my skin react either, although the red is still there.

I was also given a sample of Vichy corrective foundation to try, but my skin is too dry still to try covering - it looked crazy-cakey. But I've seen videos of the stuff and it's magic!

What do you women use on your skin? Are you big on products and skin maintenance? Are you big on make-up? What products do you use and recommend?

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Barbie Jones said...

Use caution since you are pregnant, that product you use for pimples causes birth defect,only use natural products now that you're pregnant and lots of cocoa butter on your belly so you won't get stretch marks,your husband will not enjoy your nakedness if you got stretch marks.

Candice said...

I haven't been on accutane since I was 17-18 years old and I don't have an acne problem anymore so I don't plan on going back on it.

My husband loves my body the way it is even if I DO have strech marks from my first pregnancy!!

Mona Z said...

I love skin care stuff but always slack off on keeping up a routine. I'm a bit of a face wash addict, I have like 10 kinds at a time. Drug store brands like Neutrogena, Dove, etc. I use Loreal revitalift day and night cream when I remember and this Garnier sunscreen when going out.

Candice said...

I've been using the Morning Burst face wash lately with the beads and I just love the smell of it. It really does awaken the senses in the morning! And my skin feels so soft and nice after! My husband gets a lot of these types of products from work so I never buy them.

Candice said...

You know what I think I might have figured out in the past hour and a half! That my face irritation might be CAUSED by the Morning Burst cleanser I like so much!

It smells really good and leaves my skin soft, but I think it leaves it very dry and even irritated with the beads. Might make it a once-a-week thing while using a regular non-exfoliating cleanser daily and combined with my new cream, see if I can have some improvements.

Mona Z said...

Yea, try Cetaphil, that's supposed to be nice and gentle.

Sophia said...

I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (after a makeup remover, just to be thorough), and I just started using Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion to exfoliate instead of a scrub. Scrubs were giving me trouble with redness too, and since switching my skin has gotten really even so I don't feel like I need even my tinted moisturizer any more.

Becky said...

"your husband will not enjoy your nakedness if you got stretch marks."

LOL. Superficial much?

I am always trying out new creams (not just for the face, but for the body too). I have incredibly dry sensitive skin and struggle with eczema as well. Atm I am loving this facial cream with lavender essential oil, is really great (Lavandal Face Cream).

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