Saturday, April 23, 2011

It will be my daughter's birthday - Need your opinions!

She will be 4 years old in the next couple weeks! :D I'm trying to think of what to do for her birthday and it's really discouraging because I have very few friends and family members with children that I can invite to a birthday party. One cousin has a 9 year old and a 1.5 year old, one has a 1 year old and a co-worker has a 6 year old. That's IT for children I know around here!

Nora goes to daycare and so her friends are the kids in her group... But I don't know the parents so of course, to leave their 3-4 year olds with me at my home would probably not be something they'd accept (and I wouldn't feel comfortable with that either) and to have them stay for the duration of a party at my home would be weird since I don't know them.

So now the options are:

1) not do much. Have me, my husband, my parents, brother, cousin and daughter and my best friend and... not do much.

2) take the birthday package at an amusement place around here with lots of games (slides, ball pens, mini-putt, climbing) I would think parents would more easily accept to drop off their kids at a place like this, and if they'd rather stay, they'd feel more comfortable doing so.

Option 2 is a bit expensive (it's 150$ for 8 kids) but it's the only way to have a children's party. Also, it includes a snack and drink, a cake, a separate room for gift-giving and all that, decorated and 60 minutes of entertainment.

Option 1 is boring, but would allow me to buy a better gift for Nora with the money saved.

I decided I will be spending that amount either way so it's really deciding which way better spends it for a 4 year old. With the children, they will give her gifts too maybe 10-15$ worth each on average I guess, which can be counted as another "plus". I feel like I really want her to have fun with friends for her birthday - that's what is best about birthdays, isn't it?

What do you guys think? Save that money for her, or throw her a party?

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Mona Z said...

I would go with option 2. She will have more fun and it will be a memorable special day for her. The party is a gift in itself, plus her friends will bring her gifts too. You could also get to know some of their parents. Happy early Birthday to her :)

Nikki said...

My son has no friends his age...and is much more comfortable with adults (at 2 years old, lol), so we do family parties. The youngest kid is 5, and basically ignores him, but my 10-14 year old cousins love to play with him and he them.

If Nora really does have a connection with these children and will play 'with' them, as opposed to in the same location but by herself, I would do option 2, otherwise, option 1.

Becky said...

Like Nikki said, if Nora has a connection with the other children I would go for option 2. I think experiences are often more important than gifts.

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