Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Here is what I wrote on a discussion board where they asked the question, "What is your religion? What do you believe in?". I wrote this a few months ago and reading it again this morning, I think it sums things up pretty well and still represents me. I feel like I'm further away from organized religion than I was and might post about that a different time, but what I say here is still me.

My religion is Islam (I am a Muslim).

In some ways I can say that I am an agnostic Muslim in the sense that I do believe in its principles and way of worship but can't say that I know it to be the ultimate truth. There might be so many different ways to follow God's will. We just need to tap into our nature state it and eliminate everything else. I choose Islam to help me do that because the truth in Islam seems to be purer to me than any other religion I learned about.

I get inspiration other religions though that I feel do not at all contradict Islam like the Eightfold Path to Enlightenment for Buddhists or reading some of the Hidden Words of Bahaullah for Bahais or just thinking "What would God want me to do?" which is not unlike WWJD?

In the end Islam is the religion that allows me to be spiritual in the way I want/need to be and brings the right balance between this life and the next. It is the middle way.

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