Sunday, March 27, 2011

Starting to plan my garden!

Anyone heard of the EARTHBOX?! It's a fool-proof garden in a box (the second picture)! Basically, there's a water reservoir at the bottom filled up by a pipe coming out the top of the box, and has part of the soil in a container inside the water that wicks it to the rest of the soil as needed. There's no chance of over or under watering (as long as you make sure there's always water in the reservoir). There's a cover on top to keep away bugs and keep moisture and heat in.

It's way to expensive for me to buy and ship here to Canada so I have to just nevermind that idea. I went online to look for ways to make my own and BOY IS IT EASY. It looks like the first picture uploaded. They say to make sure to not use PVC piping though for toxicity and there are for sure other tips floating around to making the garden as good as possible.

I plan on making 2-3 bins of these and seeing what I can get from it. I will also plant something in my yard and hope for some veggies. It will be interesting to compare the season's veggies from each system. With the bins, I can start them ahead of time inside which is an advantage. Also, it takes less water and fertilizer and no real upkeep (no weeds, built-in bug control).

I hope to do at least some of these:

cherry tomatoes




snow peas


Anyone else excited about the growing season coming up? Who gardens, what do you grow in your garden?

3 Comentários:

K. said...

I wish I could plant a garden, but unfortunately my apt. complex doesn't have a yard or space. I would like to plant veggies, and then some extra so I can can them.

Candice said...

You can put these bins ANYWHERE! Do you have a small balcony or available rooftop?

L.L. said...

No, I do not have a rooftop or balcony.

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