Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Making our Budget

We are truly blessed to not have so many bad habits and to not have gotten in over our heads with debt. Of course, this was done in part with being careful when we needed to be, but in part with help received and later, having decent income. So really, we are blessed in all sorts of small ways.

Now is the time to make a real budget though and start saving. With a baby coming, there's everything that will need to be bought during that time, but there's also the fact that I will have 70% of my salary for 25 weeks and 55% of it for the next 25 weeks! So for one year, we will be on reduced income. We also want to have one or both of us go to university relatively shortly and would like to buy a house. Now those are all really huge reasons not only to want to put money aside, but to have to put money aside!

We have two bad spending habits. One is my husband's electronics. Computer, TV, phone, laptop, accessories for all these things... He recently udpated everything that he should want to update for a long time, but I know he will be tempted and it won't take that long. And second: food. We eat order too much. We suck at food and sometimes order for that reason, and we also have our little going out habits. I go out to McDonald's with my daughter every second Saturday and on the weekend we both have off together, we usually go out a lot and eat out too.

BUT, the budget is looking pretty good still! I will put some effort into planning meals better so that we can keep our McDonald's habit and going out but always eat in during the week and at least more than half of the main meals on weekends. I will plan my lunches better too so I don't go to the grocery store for a small lunch "plus" a bag of cheese or a bar of chocolate or piece of cake, etc. Things I would never buy in my regular groceries but that I buy for my lunches!!

So anyway, it's exciting for me to think that we will be saving a certain set amount per month and that it fits into our budget as long as we respect it. And that by the time the baby comes, I will be 100% all set for lowered income and buying all the necessities and possibly being able to go to university. YAY

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LK said...


You'd be surprised how little you can live off of. Its a headache but it can be done. You actually stop missing those luxuries like buying random gadgets or eating out all the time.

I have some really easy receipes if you are looking to cook more :) Saves A LOT of money. If you want them I will gladly share.

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