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Of a boy, I mean.

Is it generally accepted for the procedure to be done by a non-Muslim? Are there specific guidelines for circumcision of a Muslim child that makes it different from a regular circumcision? My husband seems iffy about getting a boy circumcised here by a non-Muslim and would rather wait and do it in Egypt, but I am already not very favorable to circumcision to begin with and so I want it done as early as possible (for less pain and quicker healing) and by someone who has good references. And someone who is HERE so I can feel comfortable that it's done in the safest way.

Is there any Islamic reason that would make this a problem for my husband?

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Candice said...

By the way we have no idea yet if it might be a boy, but I'm just thinking in advance.

Zu hu ra said...

Can you convince your husband to avoid circumcision altogether? I did not agree to have a child with my husband until he agreed not to circumcise. I know you're already pregnant but you have a few months to work on him (longer if you don't circumcise at birth).

I think if you know the medical facts about circumcision you will not consider putting any child through this. Here are some resources. (Muslims Against Circumcision)

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that male circumcision is not even obligatory, but is believed to be sunnah (which is not necessarily agreed upon across the broad spectrum of sects). With that being said, if one chooses to circumcise their son, it should be taken very seriously.

Let us not think that this is any small procedure. This is a future man's pride! If you as parents decide to fore go the best in medical precision and this somehow ends up scaring, deforming, or worse... can you image what your son will think of you for the rest of his adult life?

I can not honestly say I know if Sharia states that non-Muslims can not operate on Muslims, but I do not believe it does. With that being said, I don't think it is of any harm to prefer a Muslim provider over a non-Muslim provider. And believe me, if that is your husband's argument, there are SO SO SO many Muslim doctors in your area if you are willing to search on that criteria. Just ask your current doctor.

Nikki said...

My husband did not care who did it or how it was done so long as it WAS done. At our hospital you unfortunately don't have a choice as to who does it...the OBGYN who you saw during your pregnancy performs the procedure. Is it just me, or does that not really make a lot of sense?

For him they used the plastibell procedure, where they slip a ring over the foreskin that is to be removed and it basically stops the bloodflow until the skin just falls off. It seemed like a great alternative, until the ring somehow got skewed. For this reason, part of the skin on one side was still more connected than the other, and when he was about 18 months it finally broke away (as it was supposed to) and he got a painful infection. :(

All it took to clear it up was a bit of antibiotic ointment for a couple of days, but I was SO mad that it wasn't done properly in the first place and he had to feel pain again.

Mona Z said...

My son had it done at a month old. I really wish we'd had the procedure when he was just born but something about too many boys born that weekend and we had to reschedule. It was hard to watch but it healed quickly and it was fine. I never thought it had to be done by a Muslim, it was just the doc the hospital recommended. Interesting.

Candice said...

Zuhura: I'd definitely prefer to not circumcise, but I don't think my husband would budge AT ALL on this issue. He's not interested in the "alternative" or "progressive" opinions that might exist in Islam that it is not obligatory. He's quite afraid to even question for a moment things that he was taught about Islam as he grew up.

Stephi: My husband would not be intersted in this opinion. I will try to find something interesting and convincing for him though in hopes that it could change his mind. I know it likely would not though. That's why I'm planning from now what would happen if I had a boy and if he had to get circumcised. I don't want it to be in the hospital either because this is simply not a procedure that is done here so the random doctor at the hospital would likely have very little experience.

I have no issue with it being a non-Muslim. I don't even prefer a Muslim doctor to perform the surgery. I'm sure I could swing my husband to accepting whoever I research and feel comfortable with but might need to have a fatwa or something more concrete to help him.

Nikki: That definitely makes no sense. I am staying away from the hospital for this procedure! NO ONE gets circumcised here so I don't want a doctor who has never done it to be the one.

The way the doctor I looked into uses is the mogen method. I looked into it and it seems to have slightly better stats as far as pain and recovery goes but I will need to research some more.

Mona: My husband wants the baby to get it done in Egypt at maybe 6-9 months! I think that is way too late so I will hopefully schedule something for the first week of life if I need to.

MoOn said...

Being Muslim in a Muslim country, my son has been circumsised at the age of seven days which was great at he was less prone to pain and it healed quick..I hope you find the perfect solution sis..

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Mona Z said...

Wow, inshaAllah really try to have it done at the hospital. Why is it better in Egypt?

Candice said...

I'm trying for it to not be done at the hospital. They have no experience.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure - but if we have another one and it's a boy that's something I worry about. In Turkey I swear I remember seeing pictures of little boys (like, 3-6 years old or something) where they dress up and have the procedure done. If it's done when they're older it might be less traumatic for them.

Asiya said...

Allaah knows best of course, but i've never read anything about prohibition of going to nonmuslim for medical or any other procedures. That said, i have a muslimah friend who is what i like to call a "natural mom" (from pregnancy to birth to parenting etc) and she had a jewish rabbi come to her house and circumcise her son on the 7th day (following with sunnah). She had done her research and concluded that their method was the most painless and non-intrusive....the end of the story? Her son didn't bat an eye throughout the entire 60 seconds alhamdu lillaah!

Congratulations by the way, this is the first for me to know you're expecting! I had a girl first, then boy, too. May Allaah make the rest of the pregnancy easy and light on you!

Candice said...

Aynur: I'd never heard of that! Someone I know had his son get it done in Morocco at 2 years and honestly he seemed just fine and was up and about right when coming out.

I'd still rather find the BEST way with the BEST doctor and least amount of pain so that's what I'm looking ito. Accounts I heard about the main person I've found is that the babies often sleep through the procedure! And it heals within 7-10 days fully when it's done very early.

Asiya: Glad to hear that. I'm sure I'll find a ruling on it. Actually I don't know the sex yet so it might be another girl! I kind of hope so in a way... I will look for a ruling when I find out the sex. I heard a lot of first hand accounts from women that their baby slept through the procedure with this doctor I'm thinking of taking so far. Makes it less scary!

Yilmaz said...

I'm 20 years old and my parents had it done in the states. My dad was Turkish and got it done in Turkey on a donkey. My parents got me done in a hospital. Either way I think it is barbaric and has caused me to resent Islam and my father. All I can do is wait until the future when they can use stem cells to regenerate it, I guess. To me it's like removing an eyelid from the eye.

Candice said...

Yilmaz: I'm so sorry you have to feel like this... I will have to search for more similar experiences and show that to my husband in hopes that he reconsider. I think the chances are low that he would give it any thought but it's worth the try.

With the Egyptian culture practicing circumcision on girls (removing not just the clitoral hood, which is the equivalent to the male circumcision, but often removing labias and part or all of the clitoris itself) circumcision of a boy seems nothing. And with it being a requirement in Islam from the traditional point of view, it's a closed subject for him.

Stephanie said...

All the Muslims I know here in the states have always had it done by their pediatrition (most are non-Muslim). Would it be possible to find a Muslim pediatrition.

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