Monday, February 7, 2011

Working Out

I am starting to really consider getting myself into a gym and starting to work out. I don't have enough motivation to do it at home so that's not really an option. My self-discipline is near nothing. My husband is satisfied with how I look and really doesn't care if I gain or lose weight or anything like that - I am lucky to have a man that makes me feel beautiful no matter what I look like. I'm also blessed with very stable weight - got back to my pre-baby weight within a couple months without any real effort (except the effort of taking care of a baby alone!) but have recently started to gain a pound here and there and now find myself having a hard time fitting into some of my clothes!!! And I notice that I'm just not in shape to make physical effort anymore at all. I got an office job since I finished maternity leave 3 years ago and have just not been active at all so now is the time to fix that. I hope to get pregnant soon and I want to be in shape for giving birth and in shape for post-baby time to lose it more quickly too. I'd prefer putting some effort in now than having a harder birth and harder post-birth.

I'm just afraid I won't stick to it enough! I know the obstacles and I think that's a good first step, but that doesn't mean I won't let them hinder me! I'm not a very motivated person overall.

Any tips on how to stick to a work out plan?

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Becky said...

I find that taking classes help me, because I've made a commitment to take that specific class. My gym offers yoga classes, and since I know I can only go Mondays and Saturdays, it helps me to stick to it. Just find something that you enjoy and which make you feel good.

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Candice said...

Thanks! I made a plan on when to go. Basically, once per week my mom will babysit Nora over suppertime while I go and once a week, my husband will keep Nora at home when I go after her bedtime. And once every two weekends (since they work opposite weekends) they will keep her, wihch makes me work out once per weekend and a total of 3x a week. I will see if I do a full hour each of those times or just some... But I will do cardio at least 30 minutes each time I go. YAY!

Went yesterday for cardio and it felt awesome!

Technodoll said...

Oh girl, you and me both!

Except for the baby part, LOL.

Zero motivation but yearn to get rid of that growing fat around my waist. Ugggh.

Can't wait for spring, it's easier to move and DO stuff then!

Anonymous said...

Salam wa alaykum!

I used to be an athlete. I can say that the best way to work out and yield results is 5 to six times a week with one day to rest. IF you do cardio 3 times, then try to do strength training the days you are at home if you want to see results. Because of baby and money I am currently doing in home exercise programs. I have done it enough now that it is habit but just take it day by day. Wake up with the intention and do it :).

Also (i know this is random) but can you tell me about how you got your baby's ear pierced? Im thinking of it for mine inshallah.

Candice said...

Technodoll: So true!! It's just discouraging to imagine going out when it's very cold. It's not now though and I'm still home - go figure!

Umm Sou Sou: That sounds like too much for me!! lol. I don't have the motivation to work out that many days. I did before getting married and I was in really good shape and played sports on top of that, but I am no there now. I'm so out of shape that I should see results with 3x weekly workouts.

Nora is almost 4 years old now but I got them pierced when she was 6 months or so I think... I got a place that froze her ears with some cream and then put the piercing gun to it. She hardly noticed and at that age didn't play with it so it healed beautifully.

I'm more of a supporter of piercing with a hollow needle but that can't be done with a baby in case they move and stuff. If Nora wants second holes or needs them re-pierced though I'd go to a tattoo/piercing studio to get them done.

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