Monday, January 24, 2011


We played poker on Saturday. Well, I didn't play because I simply can't *do* games that require acting (/deception/lying) so I just sat there beside my friend and looked at her hand while she played and didn't do anything else. My husband loves to play cards and he had two of his friends over to play. We had a good time, but obviously the gambling aspect is a big no-no in Islam.

Luckily they didn't mind playing without money so it was just a game of chance for fun. We have no problem at all about that since the risk involved is imaginary... making it not be gambling as far as I'm concerned. BUT originally the plan was to each put in 5-10$ and for the winner to take the pot, which is gambling. To sidestep this, my husband said he'd give everyone their money back if he was the one who won, and he'd consider his 5-10$ a fee for playing if he lost. Personally, that makes a lot of sense since he'd have no way of winning. Meaning no risk involved making it not gambling either.

What do you think? Any Muslims here also like to play card games or gambling-style games? Do you also sidestep the gambling issue in a way like this?

Any non-Muslims also not fans of gambling? Do you avoid it fully or just "play responsibly" as they call it?

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Jamilah said...

You had it right at the start... Play for fun, not money and leave it at that. Trying to come up with ways around it is just silly.

MoOn said...

card games were not allowed inside our house (by my dad as kids) , and I never liked them either, never played them..:)

Candice said...

Jamilah: We were really happy that they were open to playing without money, but some people don't like that and it makes it necessary to find a way around it if we want to join in. It was my husband's second time playing with people and when he joined my brother and his friends in the summer, he either joined with the 5$ cover charge (whatever they call it) or not play at all and he really deserves to hang out with people other than me and our daughter - it was good for him to get out of the house! I'm not sure how they would have responded to an request to play without money because they're really nice guys and all, but they aren't close friends so it wasn't my husband's place to ask for accommodation.

Moon: Interesting that they weren't allowed! There are so many 100% innocent card games, it's very strange that they were banned!

Becky said...

Growing up we only played the "innocent" card games. As an adult I have learned to play poker, but have never done it for money, only for the thrill and honour of winning :)

Lady of the Ozarks said...

I am a non-Muslim but I do not agree with gambling, too many lives are ruined by it. I don't play card games often, but when I do they are "innocent" ones as well. I agree with you gambling is a bad thing, but the innocent game your husband played is fine in my opinion.

Jamilah said...


I guess that its better not to play at all then. I know he needs to get out with the guys, but he would not go out and do anything else haram, would he? Would he go to a bar with them and just not drink? Its not worth it. Its just poker.

Candice said...

We've been in situations where others were drinking but not us.

Nikki said...

I love card games, board games, games, games, games. I don't do poker just because I don't find it very fun, I don't think it's wrong, though, so long as money isn't exchanged.

At my grandma's house we always used to play Pokeno, which is a bit like bingo and we would have pennies that we put in each round that could be won. All of the pennies belonged to my grandmother, and we'd all split them at the end of each game so I wouldn't really call it gambling....nevertheless, were I to play it now I'd just use chips instead of pennies as a safeguard.

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